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An edge-lighted panel having a number of light sources coupled to a length of flexible wiring which is arranged to be removably affixed about the peripheral edge of the panel, with the light sources disposed within light receiving cavities in the marginal portion of the panel.

Babulal Virji Gala: Lamp cap for use with indicating light assembly. GTE Automatic Electric Laboratories Incorporated, Robert J Black, January 24, 1978: US04070568 (108 worldwide citation)

A lamp cap for use with an indicating light assembly or illuminated push button wherein the light source is a light emitting diode or other low output light producing device. A light concentrating lens is included which conducts light from the light source to the top of the lamp cap wherein a concen ...

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A pulse-actuated reed switching matrix of the magnetically latching type in which the reed capsules are mounted flat on a printed circuit board providing the appropriate speech path connections, has row and column windings which are respectively printed on two substrates disposed in planes parallel ...

Reimer William A: Planar receptacle. GTE Automatic Electric Laboratories Incorporated, June 20, 1972: US3670409 (87 worldwide citation)

A planar receptacle for pluggable mounting of electronic component leads therein which is formed by applying a resilient, electrically conductive material over an apertured base, and forming a pattern of planar cuts in said resilient layer over each aperture in the base such that when an electronic ...

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An interrupt expander circuit provides for greatly enlarging the capacity of vectored interrupts in a microprocessor system. This circuit provides the capability for a very large number of peripheral devices to be connected to a microprocessor centeral processing unit via an interrupt structure whil ...

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A uniform plating current apparatus and method for providing a nearly uniform flow of plating current within a plating tank containing plating solution between a work piece to be plated and an anode surface.

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A diagnostic arrangement for controlling the isolation of the cause of fault conditions occurring in a data processor system having a pair of synchronously operating data processors for generating pairs of data signals, monitors the data signals for fault conditions and serves as a communication lin ...

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A maintenance arrangement for a data handling system producing data handling signals includes recycling logic circuits for causing the system to reproduce the data handling signals when a false signal condition occurs, and in response to the false signal condition recurring among the reproduced sign ...

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A digital intercept recorder/announcer system for use in conjunction with a telephone central office. The system performs the function of recorded message announcement for messages such as wrong number, time or weather announcements. The system samples and digitizes audio input signals from local or ...

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A bus system arranged such that the number of interconnection points between subsystems or modules are substantially reduced so that interfacing costs likewise are reduced. The multiple for continuing the bus is located on an interface connector assembly which provides an interfacing between the bus ...