Edgar B Lewis: High-resolution vision system. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, June 7, 1977: US04028725 (183 worldwide citation)

A high-resolution vision system comprising remotely positioned image-sensing means, such as a TV camera, and a head-mounted display that is used by an observer to view the image picked up by the remote sensors. Both the sensing means and the display are servo controlled to follow the eye line-of-sig ...

M Alan Kopsco: Cog-augmented wheel for obstacle negotiation. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Pollock Vande Sande & Priddy, April 24, 1990: US04919489 (124 worldwide citation)

A vehicle for overcoming obstacles includes a wheel having an elastomeric flexible annulus upon which the wheel normally rides. Parallel spaced sprockets receive the annulus and include individual cogs which extend less radially outwardly than the annulus. When an obstacle is encountered, the flexib ...

Paul Kaestner: Laser diode collimation optics. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Bruce B Brunda, Richard G Geib, January 29, 1980: US04185891 (122 worldwide citation)

The present invention related to optical collimating systems and has particular reference to beam compression of laser diode emission.

Raymond P Meenen Jr: Sidestick-type thrust control simulator. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Pollock VandeSande & Priddy, March 13, 1990: US04907970 (111 worldwide citation)

A simulator handgrip is connected to the shaft of a slip clutch which offers resistance to handgrip displacement, thereby simulating the "feel" of an actual thrust control for aircraft. Linkages are provided for measuring the amount of handgrip displacement as an electrical signal that may be utiliz ...

James R Kennedy, Edmund Y Ting: Method for diffusion bonding of alloys having low solubility oxides. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Richard G Geib, Daniel J Tick, David Aker, March 22, 1988: US04732312 (108 worldwide citation)

Diffusion bonding of surface layers of an alloy, such as an aluminum alloy, having surface oxides of low solubility in the alloy includes treating the surface layers to be bonded to remove existing surface oxide coatings, and diffusion bonding the surface layers to one another by placing the alloy t ...

Wei H Koh: Thin substrate micro-via interconnect. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Stetina Brunda & Buyan, February 20, 1996: US05493096 (107 worldwide citation)

A method for forming conductive via interconnects utilizes the steps of: applying a sacrificial coating to at least one surface of a substrate; laser drilling the substrate through the sacrificial coating to form a via through-hole; applying a conductive coating to the via through-hole; and removing ...

Richard A Oman, Kenneth M Foreman: Variable stator, diffuser augmented wind turbine electrical generation system. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Richard G Geib, Mellor A Gill, February 21, 1978: US04075500 (103 worldwide citation)

A wind powered electrical generating system having a suitable shaped aerodynamic duct or shroud within which a wind turbine having a fixed pitch blade is mounted, as by means of a stator means at the inlet of the duct or shroud with the stator means including mechanism for varying their effective an ...

Carmine F Vasile: Modified cascode mixer circuit. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Pollock VandeSande & Priddy, January 21, 1992: US05083050 (102 worldwide citation)

In a conventional mixer circuit, in order to have high conversion gain, high input power is needed. For the mixer circuit of the present invention, by incorporating a modified cascode circuit whereby the input stage FET has a higher saturation current than the output stage FET, the same high convers ...

Stanley Rudman, John Cox, Richard Oman, Robert E Ryan: Multi-image detector assembly. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Stetina Brunda & Buyan, December 26, 1995: US05479015 (100 worldwide citation)

A multi-image detector assembly has an array of detector elements formed upon a single focal plane and a plurality of focusing members, each focusing member focusing a substantially identical scene upon a corresponding one of a plurality of sections of the array. An optical element such as a spectra ...

Richard Gran, Lim Cheung: Infra-red sensor system for intelligent vehicle highway systems. Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, May 16, 1995: US05416711 (80 worldwide citation)

An infra-red sensor system for all weather, day and night traffic surveillance of ground based vehicles. The infra-red sensor system comprises system comprises an infra-red, focal plane array detector, signal processors, a communications interface and a central computer. The infra-red, focal plane a ...