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A display and shipping container having a transparent housing that forms locking engagement with a base member having an inner product engaging ring for holding the product securely within the container.

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A battery container assembly station having an automated battery cover dispensing mechanism for supplying battery covers to a heat sealing mechanism for forming an acid proof heat seal between the battery cover and the container.

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A liquid filling apparatus having an annular passage for supplying liquid and a cylindrical center tube for discharging the excess liquid.


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A grid supporting structure made of an alloy consisting of 0.05-0.5 percent tin, 0.02-0.03 percent lithium and balance lead which gives improved service in lead acid battery cells is described.

A cover for a plastics battery container. Gould National Batteries, January 16, 1970: FR2007909-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

1,218,534. Battery cover. GOULDNATIONAL BATTERIES Inc. 20 Jan., 1969 [6 May, 1968], No. 3109/69. Heading H1B. A cover 15 for a thermoplastic storage battery container divided into cells by vertical partition walls 12, the container and walls being formed in a single moulding operation, contains circ ...

Marsh Frederick, Thompson Kirk L: Immobilized electrolytes for secondary cells. Gould National Batteries, May 16, 1972: US3663304 (1 worldwide citation)

A water activatable heat treated boron phosphate sulphuric acid gel suitable for use as an electrolyte precursor in a lead acid secondary cell.

Zahn Harold Ernst: Improvements in or relating to lead acid storage batteries. Gould National Batteries, April 29, 1959: GB812537-A (1 worldwide citation)

A lead-base alloy suitable for use in the construction of the grids of lead-acid storage batteries has the following composition: Sn 0.5-3.0 per cent, As 0.2-0.5 per cent, Ag 0.05-0.35 per cent, Pb and impurities the balance. The alloy may be produced by adding an appropriate quantity of "tin solder ...

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945,094. Batteries. GOULD-NATIONAL BATTERIES Inc. April 5, 1960, No. 11969/60. Heading H1B. A storage battery comprises a casing containing a plurality of plate sub-assemblies, each comprising a rectangular pasted plate 12 enclosed by a separator envelope 20 formed from a pair of insulative micropor ...