Batcher Kenneth E: Determination of number of ones in a data field by addition. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, January 16, 1973: US3711692 (141 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for counting the number of a given data such as ones in a data field. The system employs full adders which count the number of ones in basic three element subsets of the data field. Additional full adders total the results of the first series of full adders and also count any addition ...

Kenneth E Batcher: Processing element for parallel array processors. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, P E Milliken, E W Oldham, R L Weber, February 2, 1982: US04314349 (127 worldwide citation)

A processing element constituting the basic building block of a massively-parallel processor. Fundamentally, the processing element includes an arithmetic sub-unit comprising registers for operands, a sum-bit register, a carry-bit register, a shift register of selectively variable length, and a full ...

Richard L Cook, William J Hampshire, Robert V Kolarik: Ballistic armor system. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, P E Milliken, E W Oldham, D J Hudak, December 25, 1979: US04179979 (74 worldwide citation)

An armor system matrix is provided, having a multiple layer system of very hard geometric objects tensionally restrained in their layers by fiber material interwoven about the objects with the objects and fiber material being bonded together by an adhesive material. The objects are substantially sph ...

Meilander Willard C: Method and apparatus for vehicle traffic control. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, June 6, 1972: US3668403 (71 worldwide citation)

A method for vehicle traffic control is provided which is basically adapted to aircraft and includes a method for aircraft control to eliminate hazardous operating conditions, a method for determining a potential conflict between two or more aircraft in sufficient time to effect correction, a method ...

Cook Richard L: Self-sealing container. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, Brunner F W, Wolfe J D, April 2, 1974: US3801425 (59 worldwide citation)

A fuel container which pertains more particularly to lightweight fuel containers such as the gasoline and jet fuel cells employed in aircraft and which are self-sealing when punctured by missiles, the container comprising an elastomeric laminate having a sealant composition positioned in said lamina ...

Robert M Brown, Patrick E Turner: Spaced armor. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, P E Milliken, L A Germain, July 16, 1985: US04529640 (57 worldwide citation)

A configuration for a light-weight composite armor comprises an outer layer of high content carbon steel; an inner laminate of multiple plies of ballistic grade fabric; and an intermediate core material interconnecting the outer steel to the fabric laminate in an established spaced relationship to d ...

Slagel Edwin C: Protective shield. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, Brunner F W, Wolfe J D, February 18, 1975: US3866242 (54 worldwide citation)

A protective shield such as those used to shield a person from bullets or missiles, said protective shield consisting of polyurethane about one-fourth to three-fourths inches thick, shaped in the contour of a clipboard, windshield for a vehicle, face shield and related article.

Patrick E Turner: Armored panel. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, L A Germain, P E Milliken, January 28, 1986: US04566237 (52 worldwide citation)

An armored panel construction for a shelter to defeat ballistic fragment and thermal radiation threats comprises an inner structural panel of aluminum alloy sheets bonded to a honeycomb core and an outer face panel of an aramid fiber fabric in a multi-ply resin matrix laminate. The face panel is in ...

McDonald Wilson C: Protective panel for a vehicle door. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, Oldham & Oldham, December 24, 1974: US3855898 (47 worldwide citation)

Protective panels for the windshields and windows of a vehicle are provided and comprise tough, bullet resisting transparent plastic panels and means for securing the panels to a vehicle. Such securing means include fabric straps or metal clips, secured to the transparent panel and engaging window t ...

Baker Ronald E, Fogarty Robert L, Slagel Edwin C: Self sealing composite. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, October 17, 1972: US3698587 (46 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a self-sealing wall for containers and conduits comprising a substantially rigid supporting layer of liquid impervious material, a layer of foam and at least one layer of a homogeneous elastomeric polyurethane adhered to the foam.