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An apparatus and method for illuminating a vehicle including a light source connected to an illuminatable component such as an interior or exterior vehicle door handle or steering wheel, and a control system including a plurality of sensors that monitor the vehicle and surroundings for predetermined ...

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A method to display a graphic describing a desired communication upon a substantially transparent screen of a vehicle includes monitoring the desired communication, monitoring an external presentation mode to present the desired communication, determining the graphic describing the desired communica ...

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A method and apparatus for determining a preferred operating range for a plurality of torque-generative devices is provided. Each device is operable to provide motive torque to a transmission. The invention includes defining a first and a second operating range in a first operating space. The first ...

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A vehicular charging system is provided that may be deployed on a vehicle configured to be charged from an external power source. The vehicular charging system comprises a battery assembly and a timer coupled to the battery assembly. The timer is configured to electrically couple the external power ...

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A method of collision avoidance. The method includes receiving a signal indicative of a potential collision of a vehicle. The method also includes generating a haptic collision alert in response to the signal.

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An integrated multi-beam antenna with a shared dielectric lens is disclosed. The antenna is formed by positioning the feed apertures of a plurality of waveguide feeds at positions located on the surface of the shared dielectric lens. The angular direction and shape of radiation beams produced by the ...

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A method for location-based notifications, the method including receiving a request for a notification from an input device. A current location of the input device is determined in response to the receiving. A reminder location is set responsive to the current location of the input device determined ...

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