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A first input receives an indication as to a temperature of a positive terminal from a first temperature probe. A second input receives an indication as to a temperature of a negative terminal from a second temperature probe. A monitor takes an action when a temperature differential that represents ...

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A temperature is measured for each terminal of the battery unit. The magnitude and sign of a temperature differential is calculated from the temperatures. The temperature differential is then correlated to a deteriorating condition of the battery unit.

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Determination of a remaining life fraction for a network of batteries during use in an electrical circuit is disclosed. A state of health of the battery network can be determined by measuring a change in impedance characteristics of the individual battery units and/or the battery network as a whole. ...

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Baseline values for battery testing are automatically determined for individual batteries, battery cells, or networks of batteries. Impedance information is obtained from individual batteries and adjusted for operating conditions at a site of use (e.g., temperature, age, connection topology and user ...

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A battery monitoring system includes a central monitoring system and a set of individual battery selectors. The central monitoring system is electrically connected to the battery selectors and each of the battery selectors is connected to one or more batteries. In operation, commands are sent from t ...