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The present invention relates to use of compounds and implantable devices including those compounds in treating, preventing, or reducing intimal thickening, vascular remodeling, restenosis (e.g., coronary, peripheral, carotid restenosis), vascular diseases, (e.g., organ transplant-related, cardiac, ...

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This invention features combination therapies that include a composition that activates lymphotoxin-beta receptor signaling in combination with one or more other chemotherapeutic agents, as well as therapeutic methods and screening methods for identifying agents that in combination with a lymphotoxi ...

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OMePUPA-V, (R)-$i(N)-[[4-[[(2-methylphenylamino)carbonyl]amino]phenyl]acetyl]-L-prolyl-3-methyl)-$g(b)-Alanine, a cell adhesion inhibitor, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of treatment of cell-adhesion mediated pathologies.