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A data carrier in the form of a write-once or rewritable compact disc (CD) includes a circular CD body with an information-carrying layer and a chip integrated in the CD body, the CD further including at least one CD coupling element for noncontact transfer of data between the chip and a data proces ...

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The system has a sorting device in which individual banknotes (100-103) are fed to a transport mechanism (30, 31) for feeding past a sensor device (20), which checks the category of each banknote, to feed it to the appropriate stacking point (50). A given number of banknotes are assembled at each st ...

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In order to verify the integrity of stored data, intact data corresponding to the data to be tested relating to a component of the processing facility in a particular operating state and in an intact state are recorded on a test device. In order to check the integrity of the data to be tested on a c ...

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A device for checking sheet articles has an illumination system which provides a constant illumination for the sheet articles across the entire spectral region to be examined, and a receiver unit provided with at least two parallel straight-line charge coupled device (CCD) arrays. Each CCD array is ...

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The invention relates to a method for testing the authenticity of a data carrier with an integrated circuit and is characterized in that a material is provided in an area of the integrated circuit which is excited to luminesce for example by an electromagnetic radiation or by an electric field, the ...

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The invention relates to a single- or multilayer data carrier, such as an identity card, bank card or the like. The data carrier has at least one plastic layer, this plastic layer consisting of a thermally nonrecrystallizing polyester.

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The invention relates to a data carrier comprising a one- or multilayer card body in which an electronic module is embedded. The layers of the card body consist of paper and/or cardboard and are interconnected for example by thermally activable adhesive or contact adhesive. The cards can be produced ...

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A method for automatic processing of sheet material, e.g. bank notes, wherein the bank notes are singled, transferred to a transport system, tested, and stacked in units of a predetermined piece number in so-called stackers by predetermined categories in accordance with the testing. The transfer of ...

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A portable data carrier with a break-out mini smart card embedded therein. The mini smart card is separated from the remaining card body by a free punch extending over substantial parts of the mini smart card. According to the invention, another rated breaking line is provided within the mini smart ...

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The chip card (1) has a rectangular card body, with one or more layers, incorporating an IC chip and at least one coil (7), for energy supply and/or data exchange between the IC and an external card reader. The IC and at least 2 contact elements are incorporated in a module (6) positioned so that th ...