Paul K Meeker: Interlocking infant carrier and base for car seat mounting. Gerber Products Company, Townsend and Townsend, January 6, 1987: US04634177 (105 worldwide citation)

An infant carrier and base are provided with locking features which include a spring-mounted bolt protruding laterally from the base and a hollow or aperture in the carrier which engages the bolt when the carrier is inserted into the base. The upper surface of the bolt is sloped so that the carrier ...

Rebecca J Bachman, James L Willis, Robert C Coon, Wesley D Mersman: Cup for young children with cap valved for fluid control. Gerber Products Company, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, April 6, 1999: US05890621 (60 worldwide citation)

A drinking device adapted for use by young children includes a cap adapted to sealingly cover a drinking cup. The cap has a spout and a mount, and a valve cartridge removably attached to the mount for controlling fluid flow through the spout. The valve cartridge is removable for easy cleaning or rep ...

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A breast pump includes a housing, a suction unit mounted in the housing, a rippled funnel for engaging a mother's breast, and an adapter for interconnecting same. The adapter is configured to sealingly support the funnel, frictionally sealingly support a bottle for collecting milk, and frictionally ...

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A collar 10 and hood 30 are disclosed for use with a standard baby bottle and nipple. The collar has a beveled flange 14 which recesses the joint between the collar and nipple, making the joint less accessible and less likely to pinch a baby's lips.

Kenneth A Meyers: Microwave dish cover. Gerber Products Company, Townsend and Townsend, January 3, 1989: US04795056 (53 worldwide citation)

A cover for closing an opening of a container which is easily removable from the container. The cover is elongated and has two opposite narrow ends and two opposite elongated ends. The cover is attached to the container by latching means positioned at the narrow ends. The container includes an outwa ...

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A one-piece nipple/collar includes a rigid collar having an exterior surface and an interior surface with a fastener thereon for detachably connecting the same with a nurser bottle or the like. A flexible nipple is molded over at least a portion of the exterior surface of the collar to form an integ ...

Barry L Spletzer: Vapor lamp indicating device. Gerber Products Company, Townsend and Townsend, October 12, 1982: US04354181 (47 worldwide citation)

A device for indicating when one or more fluorescent lamps in a bank of fluorescent lamps burns out requiring only a single indicator is disclosed. The device includes a voltage divider connected to a terminal of each lamp to produce a signal proportional to the voltage supplied by a ballast to the ...

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A cup that is used for children that transitions them from sippy cups to conventional drinking cups. The cup does not require any suction by the child when drinking yet is spill proof when locked for transit. The cup features a reservoir, a top and a lid. Within the top is a central passage and a pl ...

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A latch mechanism is designed to secure a safety belt to the upper surface of a seat at any of a plurality of positions spaced longitudinally along the seat surface. The mechanism includes a loop extending downward from the end of the safety belt to fit into any of a series of slots arranged in a lo ...

Doug Hoezee: Food extruder. Gerber Products Company, Townsend and Townsend, December 27, 1983: US04422372 (36 worldwide citation)

A food extruder wherein an extruder plate has perforations between its inside and outside surfaces and is sandwiched between a food chamber and a fluid housing is disclosed. Food enters the chamber and is passed through the perforations in the extruder plate. A rotary knife within the fluid housing ...