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This specification discloses sensor electrodes, and their combination with reference electrodes; the manufacture of such electrodes; apparatus utilising such electrodes; and electrical circuitry into which such electrodes can be incorporated, specifically the establishment of certain design criteria ...

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In order to improve the sensitivity of electrochemical assays based on an electrochemical system capable of generating a current, where the system comprises as components an enzyme, a substrate, and a mediator, with the mediator mediating transfer of electrons between the enzyme and an electrode whi ...


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This specification discloses assay techniques and especially those for the detection measuring and monitoring of complex, usually biologically-arising, molecules or part-molecular structure often in complicated admixture with other similar molecules. The techniques of the invention utilise specific ...

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A pen-shaped holder 1 is used to mount detachable strip, or needle, electrode carriers, its shape and nature permitting delicate manipulation to attach and detach the small carriers from an electrical socket 3 at one end. On these strips or needles are small electrodes sensitive, e.g. to blood gluco ...

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An electrode is, at least in part made from a material (X) having one-dimensional electrical conduction properties. The material X is conveniently an organic conductor, and preferably a derivative of 7,7,8,8 tetracyano p-quinodimethane, especially in combination with one of the following ions or a s ...



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This specification discloses assay systems which detect the presence of, or measure or monitor the extent of, an enzyme-catalysed reaction on a substrate. The systems of the present invention can be used to detect or measure the enzyme or the substrate, depending upon circumstances. The specificatio ...