Tire with tread for snow traction. Gen Tire & Rubber Co, September 8, 1982: GB2093777-A (36 worldwide citation)

A plurality of transverse grooves 8 are provided in the tread of a tire 2, each groove 8 having both sidewalls 10, 11 slanted in the same direction as one another with respect to the normal to the tread surface 4 (Fig. 2), with the sidewalls of some grooves 8 being slanted in one direction r and the ...

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A method of making radial pneumatic tires substantially reduces or eliminates sidewall identifications in the inflated tire. An overlapping splice is made between ends 16,17 of each layer of a ply fabric 10 to form a generally annular shaped ply layer. Portions of at least one end 16 of the ply laye ...


In-mould coating composition and method of applying same. Gen Tire & Rubber Co, December 8, 1976: GB1457935-A (10 worldwide citation)

1457935 Improving moulded surfaces GENERAL TIRE & RUBBER CO 12 Aug 1974 [4 Sept 1973] 35494/74 Heading B5A [Also in Division B2] An isocyanate based composition is applied to the surface of a moulded thermoset substrate in a mould to provide a thermosetting coating minimizing defects such as sink ma ...

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A U-shaped polymeric strip to be mounted on a body flange adjacent a vehicle door opening has an improved sealing structure for preventing moisture from seeping around the end of the body flange inside the U-shaped strip. The sealing structure is located at the inside of the base of the U-shaped str ...


Puncture sealing means for pneumatic tyres. Gen Tire & Rubber Co, May 18, 1977: GB1474131-A (8 worldwide citation)

1474131 Puncture sealing strips in pneumatic tyres GENERAL TIRE & RUBBER CO 22 May 1974 22977/74 Heading B7C [Also in Division B5] A method of sealing a pneumatic tyre against punctures comprises attaching a sealing strip 10 to the inner liner 15 of the tyre 16 prior to vulcanization of the tyre, th ...

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An FRP molding can be in-mold coated using a one-component free radical peroxide initiated composition of (a) a polymerizable oligomer selected from the group consisting of (1) a polyurethane based oligomer having at least two acrylate groups, (2) an epoxy based oligomer having at least two acrylate ...