Improvements in or relating to coat hangers. William Charles Carter, Gen Plastics, December 22, 1948: GB614790-A (1 worldwide citation)

614,790. Coat hangers. CARTER, W. C., and GENERAL PLASTICS, Ltd. July 30, 1946, No. 22634. [Class 52 (v)] In a coat-hanger the yoke and rail are bent up from rod or tubular material its free ends being fitted into and secured within the mouth of an inverted cup-shaped member forming a neck support f ...

Tournalia Christian: Cylindrical moulded plastic part with external relief element of different material. Gen Plastics, February 6, 1998: FR2751912-A1

A method of moulding a generally cylindrical plastic piece (20) with external relief elements (21, 22) made of a different material than the base cylindrical section uses a mould with a first chamber (10) with outer cylindrical shape and -1 other cavity (11, 12) outside it. A sliding skirt (15) insi ...

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973,697. Lipstick &c. holders. GENERAL PLASTICS. Dec. 2, 1960, No. 41505/60. Heading B8P. A lipstick holder of plastics, such as polystyrene and polyethylene, comprises a body 1 having shoulders 2, 3, a rotatable socket member 5 which rests on shoulder 2 and supports a cup 9 elastically interengaged ...


Jacobsen Walter Harry: Improvements in or relating to bird feeders. Gen Plastics Corp Of America, November 22, 1967: GB1091683-A

1,091,683. Seed pots for bird cages. GENERAL PLASTICS CORPORATION OF AMERICA. July 12, 1966, No. 31248/66. Heading A1M. A holder for bird seed comprises an elongated base 10 from the rear edge of which a back wall 12 extends upwardly, a lower wall 14 slanting upwardly and forwardly from the front ed ...