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1275651 Disposable filter GENERAL MOTORS CORP 12 Feb 1970 [20 Feb 1969] 9238/69 Heading B1D A disposable, integral housing filter for the lubrication circuit of an I.C. engine comprises an end plate 10 with a threaded neck 17 adapted to screw on to a spigot 3 on the engine, and an annular, elastomer ...

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High energy product, magnetically anisotropic permanent magnets are produced by hot working over-quenched or fine grained, melt-spun materials comprising iron, neodymium and/or praseodymium, and boron to produce a fully densified, fine grained body that has undergone plastic flow.


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A method of making automobile body panels having applied painted carrier films comprises producing a pre-painted carrier film (20) and applying the same to an automobile body panel (22) in a vacuum-forming procedure involving the use of heat sufficient to render the film sufficiently pliable and add ...

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An unobtrusive vehicular adaptive speed control system (18) controls vehicle (10) travelling speed in response to sensed obstacles (12) preceding the vehicle (10), to driver influenced control parameters, and to a desired travelling speed (VSET) set by the vehicle driver.

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A fuel injector is disclosed and has a tubular injector body with a fuel passage (70) extending therethrough. A solenoid actuator is disposed intermediate of the fuel passage and a nozzle body (98), having a fuel opening (104) surrounded by an annular valve seat (106) is located downstream of the ac ...

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A vehicle yaw control method utilizing differential braking of the vehicle wheels to impart a desired yaw moment on the vehicle, the vehicle having a pair of un-driven wheels, the method comprising the steps of: measuring speeds of the un-driven wheels of the vehicle (28, 30, 32, 34); estimating a y ...

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A vehicle seat and headrest arrangement (7) is provided including a seat bun frame (3) having fore and aft ends (5,9), a seatback frame (2) joined to the seat bun frame (3) adjacent the aft end (9) of the seat bun frame (3), and a headrest cushion (6) pivotally attached to the seatback frame (2) alo ...

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Magnetically hard compositions having high values of coercivity, remanence and energy product contain rare earth elements, transition metal elements and boron in suitable proportions. The preferred rare earth elements are neodymium and praseodymium, and the preferred transition metal element is iron ...