Richard L Watkins: Conductive elastomeric ink composition. Gates Data Products, C H Castleman Jr, H W Oberg Jr, May 21, 1985: US04518833 (30 worldwide citation)

A conductive elastomeric ink is described comprised of very fine nickel particles admixed in a silicone binder. The ink has utility in elastomeric switch control devices, printed circuits and the like.


Nemeth Joseph C, Watkins Richard L: Dispositif interrupteur en elastomere, Elastomeric switch control device. Gates Data Products, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, May 10, 1988: CA1236507

Abstract of the DisclosureAn elastomeric switch control element is disclosed for pushbutton switches and the like, including first and second annular spring por-tions formed of elastic material, one of the spring portions being adapted toundergo a rolling action upon depression of the switch control ...