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A method for bringing an appliance and/or an electrical or mechanical system of a residence into communication with another, or with a control device within the residence, or with an other communication source outside the residence, so as to establish a home automation system, or enlarge upon an exi ...

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An acutioneering control adapted to be connected to a thermostat control for temperature modifying apparatus wherein the thermostat control includes a temperature sensor which provides a sensed temperature signal. The auctioneering control includes apparatus for sensing absolute humidity and providi ...

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In a method of this invention, a first oxidant flow including oxygen and/or air, is injected into an exhaust gas flow from a primary burn zone in a furnace combustion chamber. The first oxidant flow is injected into the exhaust gas flow in a secondary burn zone downstream from the primary burn zone, ...

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A smart thermostat having a transceiver for two-way communication with an energy provider. The smart thermostat includes a temperature sensor for measuring a temperature, a user interface for displaying and receiving information to and from a user, a port connecting to a cooling or heating device, a ...

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Uncapped and thinned carbon nanotubes are produced by reaction with a flowing reactant gas capable of reaction selectively with carbon atoms in the capped region of nanotubes. The uncapped and thinned nanotubes provide open compartments for insertion of chemicals and exhibit enhanced surface area wi ...

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A fault-tolerant HVAC system capable of continued operation in the event of a thermostat malfunction. An HVAC controller controls the operation of an HVAC unit in accordance with a temperature signal output from the thermostat and indicative of air temperature of a conditioned space proximate the th ...

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A protective relay system for generation apparatus connectable to a three-phase alternating current electrical utility system. The relay system includes a dual processing architecture wherein a digital signal processor executes all the signal-processing algorithms, and a separate microprocessor is u ...

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A thermally integrated reformer (10) is located inside the stack furnace (12) housing stacks (14) of solid oxide fuel cells (16). The energy to support the endothermic reformation reaction converting hydrocarbon and water feedstock into hydrogen and carbon monoxide fuel is supplied by heat recovered ...

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A multi-unit automated space management and communication system for use in association with a structure having a plurality of units. The system includes circuitry that monitors various utility related aspects of each of the plurality of units. The system further includes an automated subsystem disp ...

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A method is provided for refracturing a well which has previously been hydraulically fractured in a lower zone or in the same zone. A sealing material is injected and allowed to solidify, the well is reperforated and refractured.