Glaser Walter, Glaser Herbert P: Locking lift car doors. Gal Mfg, July 20, 1983: GB2112352-A (2 worldwide citation)

A locking mechanism for the doors of an elevator car, which usually permits the doors to be opened by an amount insufficient for a passenger to exit from the car and then locks the doors with respect to further opening movement, is rendered inoperative when the car is close to a landing. The on mech ...


Glaser Walter: Elevator door tampering protection system. Gal Mfg, October 23, 1996: EP0738233-A1

An automatic elevator system having car movement controls (3), door controls (2), a door operating mechanism (4) for automatically opening and closing at least the car door. The elevator system also including a first switch contacts (GS, DL1-DL3) operable when the car and hoistway doors are closed, ...