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IC CHIP MOUNTING STRUCTURE has IC chips having protruding electrodes, a flexible printed circuit board having conductors connected to the protruding electrodes of the IC chips, and a protective plate attached to the flexible printed circuit board. The protective plate has openings to accommodate the ...

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The method of driving the plasma display, in which a discharge for the address action is caused to occur without fail even if the voltage of the address pulse is low and its width is narrow, has been disclosed. A display frame comprises plural subframes, the gradation display is attained by combinin ...

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A low-cost display driver module that shortens the process for connecting an integrated circuit chip and a wiring pattern on a flexible wiring board and uses a metal chassis on a display panel as a radiator. In this display driver module, an integrated circuit chip with bump electrodes on it is join ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To overcome the problem of a prior art such that the emission luminance of a phosphor film is lowered due to baking.SOLUTION: After baked, a blue phosphor film is irradiated with laser beam in a decompressed atmosphere, or in an oxygen atmosphere after it is decompressed.

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A capacitive load circuit and a plasma display apparatus using such a circuit, being able to use a sustain transistor having a voltage rating in accordance with a sustain voltage even when a voltage larger than the sustain voltage is applied to a sustain electrode, have been disclosed, wherein a swi ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To realize a high quality and stable display by effectively using a frame interval.SOLUTION: Temperature of the panel surface corresponding to a cell is measured and pulse widths W of driving voltage pulses Py and Pa are varied in accordance with the temperature variation. When ...

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A technique for improving impact resistance performance of a panel is provided in a module or display apparatus with a flat display panel. In a PDP module, a filter is bonded onto a front surface side of a PDP, and a base chassis is bonded to a rear surface side with a two-sided tape. In an attachin ...


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A plasma display panel has a good productivity of partition formation and air exhaustion process and realizes a bright and stable display. A discharge gas is filled in a gap between two substrates. A mesh-patterned partition is arranged on the inner surface of one of the substrates for dividing the ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a PDP(plasma display panel) with excellent productivity in both barrier rib formation and gas exhausting, and capable of providing a bright and stable display.SOLUTION: In this plasma display panel 1, a gap between a pair of opposed substrates 11 and 21 is filled wit ...