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An automatic immunoassay apparatus utilizes cartridges each having at least two wells, a first well containing solid phase material carrying antigen or antibody, and a second well containing antibody or antigen labelled with labelling compound. The wells may be sealed with a suitable sealing film be ...

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A novel monoclonal antibody which specifically binds to apo-B-48 is disclosed. The monoclonal antibody specifically binds to apo-B-48 but does not bind to apoB-100.

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A hydantoin derivative represented by formula (I): wherein the all symbols are defined in the disclosure. The hydantoin derivative has an inhibitory activity on metalloprotease and hence is useful as analgesic and cardiovascular drug.

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Disclosed is a method of measuring a polynucleotide such as DNA and RNA in a body fluid which does not require immobilisation of the test sample and whereby the polynucleotide is easily determined, wherein an immobilised singlestranded polynucleotide which is labeled is hybridised with the single-st ...

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Compounds represented by general formula (I) below wherein R and R, which are the same or different, each represent a hydrogen atom or a protective group for a hydroxyl group; R represents a saturated or unsaturated, linear, branched or cyclic, monovalent C5 SIMILAR C25-aliphatic hydrocarbon group w ...

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Compounds represented by general formula (I) below ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 and R.sup.2, which are the same or different, each represent a hydrogen atom or a protective group for a hydroxyl group;

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Aldehyde derivatives with a specific calpain inhibiting activity and a platelet-aggregation inhibiting effect with formula (I) or formula (II): wherein R represents an aromatic hydrocarbon group, a heterocyclic group, or a group of -X-R in which X represents O, -S(O)m- (m = 0, 1, or 2), and R repres ...

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An immunoassay method using magnetic particles comprising a core and a coating layer on the surface thereof, The core comprises an organic polymer and the coating layer comprises an iron oxide type ferrite coating layer. An antigen or an antibody is bound onto the surface of the coating layer and th ...

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An agglutination immunoassay method and apparatus therefor in which there are conducted the steps of contacting, in a container, a test sample suspected of containing a desired analyte and a reagent comprising sensitized magnetic-material containing particles capable of reacting with and binding to ...

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There are disclosed a magnetic particle for an immunoassay method, which comprises a core and a coating layer formed on the surface of the core wherein said core comprises an organic polymer matrix and said coating layer comprises a mixed crystal ferrite represented by the formula: