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A multi-readable information system includes a substrate material and one type of printed information that is readable by a first entity, such as information in machine readable bar code that is printed on an area of the substrate material. A different type of printed information occupies the same f ...

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Food product pieces are formed with corrugations on opposite sides thereof wherein the corrugations formed on one side have a frequency in the range from 1.5 to 5 times the frequency of the corrugations formed on the other side. As a result, flavor and texture development can be controlled during la ...

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An apparatus and method for continuous rotary ultrasonic sealing of form and fill machines to produce packages utilizes a rotary anvil and cutter knife and an ultrasonic horn having adjustable simulated rotary motion movable in synchronism with the anvil for providing an end seal on packages.

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Improved savory snack food items include a nonsweet, sugar-based binder composition which adheres one or more toppings to a base portion of the snack. The binder does not undesirably alter the taste of snack food items and substantially reduces separation of toppings from the snack food items during ...

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Low oil potato chips are produced by washing potato slices with an aqueous solution and applying oil to the washed slices to at least partially coat the slices with oil. The oil-coated slices are blanched at a temperature of about 70.degree.-100.degree. C. (about 160.degree.-212.degree. F.), and the ...

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A novel process and apparatus is disclosed for producing potato chip products having less than twenty-five weight percent oil based on the total weight of an unseasoned chip. The process requires parfrying potato slices, dealing and partially dehydrating the slices with superheated steam and then fu ...

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Potato chips of relatively low oil content are prepared by a process which comprises the steps of forming potatoes into slices having a thickness which is suitable for making potato chips, drying the slices in a mono-layer by exposing both major surfaces of the slices to contact with a gaseous atomo ...

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A flexible container with a wall structure comprised of multi-layer, flexible thin films, including a first film layer that is affixed to the wall structure by a releasable adherence and that incorporates a removable promotional piece. The removable promotional piece is incorporated into the first f ...

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An automatic form-and-fill packaging machine especially adapted for the ultrasonic sealing of food products in flexible bags from ultrasonically sealable flexible packaging material, and a method to utilize said machine. A packaging machine is provided with a first ultrasonic back seal forming unit ...

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A light puffed or expanded food product which has a core filled with an edible pastelike or creamy material. The apparatus for making this product includes an extruder capable of developing high pressures and elevated temperatures in a mass of edible material such as corn meal to which water and veg ...