Knut Hildner: Connecting arrangement with a threaded sleeve. Friedrichsfeld Keramik und Kunststoffwerke, Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Evans, July 28, 1987: US04682797 (126 worldwide citation)

A connecting arrangement comprising a threaded sleeve of synthetic plastic material and a tube portion having a pipe thread. The threaded sleeve contains an insert nut with an internal thread and a synthetic plastic ring which is engaged by the pipe thread of the tube portion. The tube portion has a ...

Joint endoprostheses. Friedrichsfeld, September 29, 1976: GB1451283-A (118 worldwide citation)

1451283 Joint endoprotheses FRIEDRICHSFELD GmbH STEINZEUG-UND KUNSTSTOFFWERKE 31 Jan 1974 [10 Feb 1973] 04546/74 Heading A5R [Also in Divisions El and E2] A joint endoprothesis comprises an articular part 3 of substantially non-porous Al 2 O 3 -ceramic, which is subjected to sliding friction, and a ...

Willi Schulte, Freimut Vizethum, Walter Hund: Dental implant. Friedrichsfeld Keramik und Kunststoffwerke, Foley & Lardner, April 6, 1993: US05199873 (80 worldwide citation)

A dental implant including a post which can be anchored in the jawbone of a dental patient and a replacement tooth head fastenable to said post. The post has at its crown end a recess for mounting a replacement tooth. The outside surface of the post is stepped down in at least two, and preferably th ...

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A dental implant of biocompatable material includes a body provided with a head for supporting bridgework or an artificial tooth and having a shaft which is provided with a series of exterior peripheral surfaces of diminishing cross-section to define a series of stepped thrust resisting surfaces per ...

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An endoprosthesis for a knee joint comprising a femur part (6), a tibia part (8), and a middle part (18) which is articulated on the femur part (6) by a pin (14). The middle part (18) is pivotable with respect to the tibia part (8) about a centering pin (20), and a stop is pivoted which is dependent ...

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A bone shaft or bone joint prosthesis made of a compacted Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 ceramic, cement-free implant. At least one substance capable of releasing bone-growth stimulating ionic material (i.e., lithium ions, boron ions, carbon ions, fluorine ions, sodium ions, magnesium ions, silicon ions, phosphor ...

Gunther Heimke, Peter Griss, Hanns Von Andrian Werburg, Paul Wachter: Tool for forming a bed in a hip bone to receive an artificial acetabulum. Friedrichsfeld, George H Mitchell Jr, January 25, 1977: US04004581 (46 worldwide citation)

A rotary cutter for making the socket bed for a complete endoprosthesis is slidable on a guide rod, which rod is first inserted into a guide bore which has previously been made in the hip bone. The relative axial position of the cutter with respect to the rod indicates the depth of penetration of th ...

Gunther Heimke, Peter Griss, Hanns Von Andrian Werburg, Herbert Heil, Paul Wachter: Fastening means for hip joint prosthesis sockets. Friedrichsfeld Steinzeug und Kunststoffwerke, February 24, 1976: US03939497 (40 worldwide citation)

A socket for hip joint prosthesis is secured to a cavity in the bone tissue by a series of radially arranged pegs which can be projected outwardly from the wall of the socket into the surrounding tissue by a central screw member which also has a self-tapping thread which also enters the tissue.

Ludwig Meiss: Wound covering having connected discrete elements. Friedrichsfeld Keramik und Kunststoffwerke, Foley & Lardner Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Evans, March 19, 1991: US05000746 (35 worldwide citation)

A wound covering for burns, extensive skin wounds, skin lesions or the like, which are subject to contamination by germs, including fungi, and may then become slow healing septic wounds which require a special wound covering and wound treatment. The wound covering may either comprise a plurality of ...

Wolfgang Sichler: Electroweld fitting or electroweld collar. Friedrichsfeld Keramikund Kunststoffwerke, Foley & Lardner Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Evans, September 13, 1988: US04770442 (27 worldwide citation)

An electroweld fitting or electroweld collar for synthetic resin pipes comprising a body of a thermoplastic and/or weldable synthetic resin, on the inner surface of which a heating coil is arranged. In order to weld an electric current is conducted to the heating coil, whereby the material of the bo ...