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A connector which is adapted to be connected to a plastic cannula or a vein catheter comprises a tubular and/or conical portion that is adapted to be tightly joined to a parenteral solution supply needle and/or to a hose provided with a cone fitting. To ensure that a metal cannula or a vessel cathet ...

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Biosensor for amperometric measurements wherein the measuring electrode (34) is made of an electrically conductive carrier made of carbon which is saturated with a platinum metal in colloidal form wherein a lead-off contact (10) of vitreous carbon runs from the measuring electrode (34). The porous c ...

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A cassette for delivering fluids, especially dialysis fluids, with connecting elements for connecting solution bags and lines leading to the patient for to the dialysis machine, with at least one delivery chamber with an inlet and outlet, with lines for carrying the fluids supplied and delivered, wi ...

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Main cannula arrangement (10) with a metal cannula (12) and a connecting piece (14), featuring a valve (46), which is closed in the disconnected state and open in the connected state.

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Peritoneal dialysis device (10) with a balancing chamber (28), which is divided into two balancing chamber halves (32 and 34) by a membrane (30), with an introduction line arrangement (16, 20, 22, 24), a discharge arrangement (22, 24, 20, 62), a catheter line arrangement (36, 38, 42), a valve arrang ...

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A method and a device for ultrafiltration during hemodialysis are described in which ultrafiltrate fluid, before removal from the dialysis circuit, is passed through a balancing device, which is also used as ultrafiltrate pump. For this purpose, a controller controls and actuates inlet, outlet, and ...

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Pump arrangement (10) for medical purposes, in particular blood or infusion pump, comprising a pump housing (12) having two pump chambers (16, 18), of which the work chamber (16) is subjected to the liquid to be pumped while the drive chamber (18) is connected via a connecting conduit to a pneumatic ...

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An apparatus is described for dosed continuous simultaneous infusion of several solutions or medicaments which are arranged in a plurality of containers (25, 26) or syringes (3, 4). From said containers (25, 26) or syringes (3, 4) connecting conduits or tubes (18-21) lead which are connected via a j ...

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A method and apparatus for monitoring the operability of components in a hemodialysis apparatus during dialysis treatment. The dialyzer is isolated from the dialyzing liquid circuit for a time interval during dialysis treatment. During the isolation time interval, the dialyzing liquid circuit pressu ...

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This invention relates to a method for the in-vivo determination of hemodialysis parameters. To carry out hemodialysis with the greatest efficiency and safety, it is inter alia necessary to know the clearance of the dialyzer. To be able to determine the same in vivo, the invention provides a method ...