Rainer Hintsche, Manfred Paeschke, Uwe Schnakenberg, Ulla Wollenberger: Electrochemical sensor. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur angewandten Forschung e V, Karl Hormann, September 23, 1997: US05670031 (340 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an electrochemical sensor with interdigital micro-electrodes (1) with structure widths in the sub-.mu.m range. With a twin or multi-pair array of the interdigital micro-electrodes on a substrate (8), the electrochemical detection of molecules with high sensitivity is made po ...

Michael Hackner: Switch device. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur angewandten Forschung e V, Daniel J Santos, February 5, 2008: US07327157 (1 worldwide citation)

A switch device includes a switch to be tested with a first terminal and a second terminal as well as a control terminal for controlling a resistance between the first terminal and the second terminal. Furthermore, the switch device includes a resistor as well as means for providing a measuring curr ...

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