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(EN) The invention relates to a method for the self-adjusted reduction in size of structures in a layer sequence, whereby at least one metal layer is applied on a substrate, the structure to be reduced in size being limited by the at least one metal layer. Said method is characterized in that the me ...

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In a method for operating a SOFC high-temperature fuel cell, wherein a hydrogen-containing fuel is converted internally in the fuel cell by an endothermic reaction at the anode thereof into a synthesis gas, which is converted by an exothermic reaction into electricity, fuel is supplied to the fuel c ...

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Stable microbial enzyme with alcohol dehydrogenase activity having an activity maximum at ca. 50° C., process for its isolation and its use for the enantioselective reduction/oxidation of organic keto compounds/hydroxy compounds wherein, depending on the type of the starting compounds R- or S-hydrox ...

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In a method for improving the NADH specificity of preferred NADPH-dependent dehydrogenases, the alkalinity of the enzyme is reduced in the coenzyme docking area by an appropriate change of the amino acid sequence achieved by genetic engineering means. The inventive process is especially used for obt ...

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In a method of reducing diketocarboxylic acids or hydroxyketocarboxylic acids or their esters, at least one keto group is converted to a hydroxyl group in the presence of lactobacillus species.

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A delivery device for a single- or multiphase fluid having a tubular body for axially guiding the fluid, including a motor stator arranged outside the tubular body and a delivery element arranged within the tubular body, comprising a motor rotor. A rotor gap is formed between the delivery element an ...

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The invention relates to an evaluation unit to evaluate detector events registered by one or more detectors, whereby the evaluation unit contains signal processors that serve to process the signals from the detectors.

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In a method of manufacturing a solar cell, a phase A is deposited in the form of stacks on an electrically conductive substrate, wherein the stacks are covalently and electrically interconnected and also connected to the substrate, and any spaces between the stacks are filled with a phase B, which i ...

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A current collector for a SOFC fuel-cell pile including a base body made from a first heat-resistant ferrite alloy which contains chromium and aluminum and has an aluminum content of more than 2 wt %, the base body defining guide ducts for feeding fuels, and at least one contact element made from a ...

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The invention relates to L-lysine-producing strains of corynebacteria with enhanced lysE gene (lysine export carrier gene), in which strains additional genes chosen from the group comprising the dapA gene (dihydrodipicolinate synthase gene), the lysC gene (aspartate kinase gene), the dapB gene (dihy ...