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A thermal control system (11) for a light source (46) of a vision system (10) includes a heater (63) that is thermally coupled to the light source (46). A thermal sensor (60) is thermally coupled to the tight source (46) and generates a temperature signal. A controller (50) is coupled to the heater ...

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A method is disclosed for controlling operation of an engine coupled to an exhaust treatment catalyst. Under predetermined conditions, the method operates an engine with a first group of cylinders combusting a lean air/fuel mixture and a second group of cylinders pumping air only (i.e., without fuel ...


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A method for managing vapors generated by a first and second reservoir onboard a vehicle traveling on the road, the method comprising of inducting vapors from the first and second reservoirs during engine operation; and reducing flow of vapors from first the reservoir to second reservoir and from th ...

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A system and method of controlling an automotive vehicle and trailer includes determining the presence of a trailer and applying brake-steer to the vehicle in response to the trailer to reduce the turning radius of the vehicle and the trailer.

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Various systems and methods are disclosed for carrying out combustion in a fuel-cut operation in some or all of the engine cylinders of a vehicle. Further, various subsystems are considered, such as fuel vapor purging, air-fuel ratio control, engine torque control, catalyst design, and exhaust syste ...

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A vehicle seat including a seat base. An extension member is operably connected to the seat base. A seat cover partially extends over the extension member and seat base and partially stored on a roller below the seat pan. A bladder is disposed between the seat base and the extension member. Inflatio ...

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