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A voice activated control system responsive to spoken voice commands is integrated with an advanced central display/control unit having dedicated and reconfigurable push buttons to control individual vehicle accessories in a complementary fashion as well as in standalone modes. The two controllers s ...

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A method is provided for a vehicle yaw rate estimation using two accelerometers and a steer angle sensor. The new method combines two complimentary approaches to yaw rate estimation using accelerometers. A kinematic yaw rate estimate is weighted with a vehicle lateral acceleration at the center of g ...

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A powertrain assembly for an automotive vehicle having an interanal combustion engine and transmission gearing for delivering engine torque to traction wheels of a vehicle. An electric induction motor is situated in the torque flow path between the engine and the transmission. The induction motor co ...

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An operating strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) manages the flow of energy to both supply the motive demand power of the HEV and maintain the charge of the energy storage system (ESS). A controller operates the main power unit (HPU) and ESS and, using an optimal fuel cost strategy, scans a ...


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