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A combustion pressure sensor has a first diaphragm 12 adjacent a combustion region for deflecting in response to the magnitude of adjacent pressure. A second diaphragm 14 is spaced from the first diaphragm and deflects as a function of the deflection of the first diaphragm. The second diaphragm 14 i ...

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A method is described for operating an automotive-type engine by independently phase shifting the intake and exhaust valves to provide at part loads late closing of the intake valve during the compression stroke to reduce pumping losses, with a delayed overlap between the opening of the intake valve ...

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A fuel injection pump comprises a plunger (26, 56) surrounded by a solenoid (22, 48), the voltage to which is controlled to vary the duration and magnitude of the plunger stroke, thereby controlling the amount of fuel delivered and a position feedback device (28, 66) providing a correction to the fu ...

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Method of making a composite coated article by the steps of: (a) initiating chemical vapor deposition of separated diamond or diamond-like particles (50) onto a nondiamond or nondiamond-like substrate (49) surface by use of low pressure metastable deposition of carbon in the presence of atomic hydro ...

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A vehicle door lock system comprises a latch mechanism 10 connected to a door handle 12 by a single push/pull control cable 14. The control cable has three operating positions; an intermediate unlocked position (2); push to lock (position 3); and pull to relase (position 1).

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An electrical motor comprises a rotor (2) carrying a plurality of permanent magnetic poles (6), a stator (4) carrying at least two main windings (22,23) which, when activated interact with the magnetic fields generated by the poles (6) to drive the rotor (2), search windings (25,26) on the stator (4 ...

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A method of joining an object (12) to an article (10) is disclosed. In the method, a force accepting shoulder (14) is formed on the object so as to have both a first surface (16) for engaging a surface formed on the article and a second surface (18) spaced away from the first surface (16). A force a ...

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This invention relates to an environmentally durable composition which has superior low temperature dynamic properties. The composition comprises a substantially homogeneous mixture of 100 parts by weight elastomer having a fully saturated backbone, curing agent for the elastomer in amounts sufficie ...

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A method for controlling the transfer of load from one friction element to another friction element while making a gear ratio change in an automatic transmission. The synchronous engine speed is increased by slipping the offgoing clutch. A constant is calculated from known speed ratios of the gear s ...