Louis S McTamaney, Yue M Wong, Rangasami S Chandra, Robert A Walker, Jorge E Lastra, Paul A Wagner, Uma K Sharma, Clyde D Watson: Multi-purpose autonomous vehicle with path plotting. FMC Corporation, Michael Lee, R C Kamp, R B Megley, December 8, 1992: US05170352 (229 worldwide citation)

An autonomous vehicle for operating in a predetermined work area while avoiding both fixed and moving obstacles. A plurality of laser, sonic and optical sensors detect targets and obstacles in the work area and provide coded signals to processors and controllers which direct the vehicle over a most ...

Barry D Douglas, Joseph A Bencel: Navigation system for automatic guided vehicle. FMC Corporation, Pauley Petersen Kinne & Fejer, April 11, 2000: US06049745 (222 worldwide citation)

A method and system for navigating automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) through a workplace having intelligible areas provides multi-vehicle traffic control. A guidance apparatus conveys a plurality of guidance signals, and a plurality of radio frequency tags (RF tags) are provided along the path over w ...

Shiva P Singeetham: Metal-to-metal annulus packoff for a subsea wellhead system. FMC Corporation, December 29, 1992: US05174376 (127 worldwide citation)

An all-metal, well annulus packoff assembly for establishing a high pressure, corrosion resistant metal-to-metal seal between a wellhead housing and a casing hanger, including an annular metallic seal element having a generally upstanding U-shaped cross section that is adapted for non-rotational seq ...

Charles J Brine: Process for polymerizing poly(lactic acid). FMC Corporation, R E Elden, P C Baker, December 24, 1991: US05075115 (110 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for the condensation polymerizing lactic acid to a polymer with a weight average molecular weight of 2,500 to 4,500 containing less than 4% lactide and for a controlled release dosage form comprising a pharmaceutically active ingredient in a matrix of poly(lactic acid) and its ...

Emanuel J McGinley, Domingo C Tuason Jr: Enteric coating for pharmaceutical dosage forms. FMC Corporation, C H Johnson, C Egolf, July 31, 1984: US04462839 (107 worldwide citation)

The application discloses a process for making a polymeric powder which is readily dispersible in water to provide a composition useful for forming an enteric coating on pharmaceutical dosage forms and also a process for using the powder for its intended purpose.

Christopher E Cunningham, Christopher D Bartlett: Slimbore subsea completion system and method. FMC Corporation, Gary L Bush, Mayor Day Caldwell & Keeton, May 8, 2001: US06227300 (105 worldwide citation)

A slimbore marine riser and BOP are provided for a subsea completion system which includes a tubing spool secured to a wellhead at the sea floor. The tubing spool has an internal landing profile for a reduced diameter tubing hanger which is arranged and dimensioned to pass through the bore of the ri ...

Dev K Mehra, Kenneth P West, J Donald Wiggins: Coprocessed microcrystalline cellulose and calcium carbonate composition and its preparation. FMC Corporation, Christopher Egolf, May 17, 1988: US04744987 (104 worldwide citation)

A particulate coprocessed microcrystalline cellulose and calcium carbonate composition having the respective components present in a weight ratio of from about 75:25 to 35:65. The composition is useful as a pharmaceutical excipient.

Franklin P Orlando, Joseph S Goulart, Rangasami S Chandra: Apparatus for detecting changes in inclination or acceleration. FMC Corporation, A J Moore, H M Stanley, R B Megley, December 31, 1985: US04561299 (100 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for detecting changes in inclination or acceleration is disclosed. In its preferred environment the apparatus is used to determine the position of the sucker-rod of a sucker-rod pump. The preferred embodiment of the apparatus includes a magnetic-field sensor such as a linear output transdu ...

Erik Thuse: Apparatus for running, setting and testing a compression-type well packoff. FMC Corporation, W W Ritt Jr, C E Tripp, April 26, 1977: US04019579 (96 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for running a compression-type annulus packoff on a drill or other pipe string into an oil or gas well, setting the packoff without rotating the drill string, and then shifting the axial load of the drill string from the packoff to a casing hanger or other suitable well eleme ...

Henry Wong, David E Cain, Jeffrey L Mathews: Tree test plug. FMC Corporation, Henry C Query Jr, July 7, 1998: US05775422 (96 worldwide citation)

A test plug for sealing a bore within a tubing hanger comprising an annular plug body having an axial bore extending therethrough, the axial bore forming a tapered annular seat and an enlarged receptacle within the plug body; a plurality of support dogs retractably mounted within corresponding slots ...

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