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A fluid valve (10) for use in high pressure and high temperature operating conditions where the operating fluid is chemically reactive. V-type PTFE packing members (22) are backed up with anti-extrusion wiper rings (24) of silica filled PTFE or barium sulfate filled PTFE.

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An improved live load packing system (34) for sealing an operating valve member (16) in a fluid valve (10). A packing follower (36) includes a base (38) and a guide sleeve (40) adapted for slidable engagement on the operating valve member (16). A series of Belleville disk springs (46) slidably engag ...

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[en] The rubber compositions described herein have been found to have an exceptionally long life as a spring-biased actuator diaphragm material that maintains its position compressed, e.g., bolted, between opposed flanges, while maintaining excellent compressibility, low temperature flexibility, hyd ...

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The present disclosure relates to a fluid regulator comprising a housing, a diaphragm disposed within the housing and a valve disposed within the housing. The regulator has a valve seat, a valve disc and a valve stem, wherein the valve stem includes a stop configured to limit the travel of the valve ...

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[en] An article of manufacture storing machine-readable instructions which, when executed, cause a machine to: receive a position signal representative of positions of a valve receive a first value representative of an estimated current position of the valve receive a second value representative of ...

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A pressure regulator comprising a diaphragm actuated lever arm including a slotted end with the slot (78) matching a stepped gas flow controlling disc (80). The disc (80) is stepped to match the lever end slot (78) so as to trap the disc (80) within the lever slotted end.

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[en] The present disclosure relates to a fluid regulator comprising a housing, a diaphragm disposed within the housing and a valve disposed within the housing. The regulator has a valve seat, a valve disc and a valve stem, a valve guide which is configured to hold the valve stem so that a sealing su ...

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Apparatus and method for precisely controlling the movement of a magnetostrictive transducer including an elongated magnetostrictive rod, means for inducing a magnetic field in the rod and supplying drive current for moving the rod in response to the drive current. A temperature compensated strain s ...

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A method and apparatus statistically determines estimates of one or more process control loop parameters, such as bearing friction, seal friction, total friction, dead band, dead time, oscillation, shaft windup or backlash associated with a device or a control loop within a process control environme ...

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The concentration of an analyte in a fluid is measured by a quartz crystal microbalance sensor device (10) in the fluid containing a concentration of the analyte. The sensor device exhibits a resonant frequency representative of the concentration of the analyte in the fluid. A quartz crystal microba ...