Lorenzo Cillario: Container for small objects, particularly pastilles and similar confectionery products. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, September 3, 1985: US04538731 (82 worldwide citation)

A small flip-top container which can be opened and shut using one hand is closed at one end by a stopper having a skirt which grips the inside of the container resiliently and a rectangular end wall with an aperture which extends for a certain distance from one of the minor sides. The aperture is cl ...

Pietro Ferrero: Pick-up device, particularly for automatic lifting and conveying apparatus for plants for the packaging of food products. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, May 23, 1989: US04832180 (44 worldwide citation)

A pick-up device for automatic lifting and conveying apparatus has a plurality of pick-up members (5), preferably of the suction type, each of which is intended to take hold of a respective article in an array of rows arranged in at least one direction. The device includes a plurality of generally e ...

Pietro Ferrero: Container for food products, particularly sweet products, usable as a money box. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, June 10, 1986: US04593817 (40 worldwide citation)

A container for food products, which can be used as a money box after consumption of the products, comprises a hollow casing constituted by two trough-shaped bodies which can be joined together releasably at their complementary free edges. One of the free edges has a notch which defines a slot with ...

Giovanni Ferrero: Beverage container pierceable by a drinking straw. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, October 11, 1983: US04408690 (31 worldwide citation)

The body (1) of the container is provided with a frangible internal diaphragm (4) which sub-divides it into two superimposed chambers (1b, 1c), one containing a beverage and the other containing an additive substance. Above the diaphragm (4), in the body (1) of the container, is mounted a cutting to ...

Lorenzo Cillario: Confectionary product with a filling. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, February 7, 1984: US04430351 (29 worldwide citation)

Confectionery product comprising a shell formed by two wafer shell halves jointly enclosing a filling.

Lorenzo Cillario: Wrapping of spherical objects having small protrusions. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, April 16, 1985: US04510735 (23 worldwide citation)

The object to be wrapped is deposited on thin aluminium foil which extends over the mouth of a forming device comprising an annulus and a plurality of resilient blades each fixed at one end to the annulus and converging at their other, free ends towards a first half mould having a hemispherical cavi ...

Lorenzo Cillario: Pack for confectionery products. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, July 13, 1982: US04339033 (19 worldwide citation)

A pack for two different unwrapped confectionery products comprises two pots closed by a seal and each provided around its mouth with a flange which is stuck to the edge of a corresponding aperture in a support plate. An adhesive label is stuck over the plate and the seals of the two pots. The label ...

Pietro Ferrero: Chocolate and wafer bar. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, October 16, 1990: US04963379 (18 worldwide citation)

A chocolate bar is disclosed which comprises a chocolate base, at least one first wafer sheet placed on the chocolate base and having an interconnecting web and a plurality of hollow projections extending from the wafer sheet web on the side opposite the chocolate base. The chocolate bar further inc ...

Lorenzo Cillario: Adjustable, sectional display device. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, June 12, 1984: US04453640 (17 worldwide citation)

A modular display stand is constructed from a plurality of vertically-connectable, tubular sections extending upwardly from a carriage which supports the lower-most tubular section. The connected sections are topped with a placard holder connectable to the upper-most section. Each tubular section ha ...

Pietro Ferrero: Ice-cream confectionery product and a method for its manufacture. Ferrero S p A, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, February 16, 1988: US04725445 (15 worldwide citation)

Ice cream confection normally in liquid state which is an oil-in-water emulsion containing fats, milk proteins, sweetness and water. The water is made physically and chemically stable by means of a stabilizing and thickening composition of an alginate, a disodium phosphate and a modified starch. The ...