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Ethylene propylene copolymers, substantially free of diene, are described. The copolymers will have a uniform distribution of both tacticity and comonomer between copolymer chains. Further, the copolymers will exhibit a statistically insignificant intramolecular difference of tacticity. The copolyme ...

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A composition of matter comprising vinyl ended copolymer chains having a number average molecular weight (M

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This invention is directed to a polymerization process that is carried out at relatively high productivity levels and with relatively low fouling. The process includes mixing together a catalyst system, at least one monomer and a hydrofluorocarbon to produce the polymer. The reaction is carried out ...

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A process for producing propylene from a catalytically cracked or thermally cracked naphtha stream is disclosed herein. The naphtha stream is contacted with a catalyst containing from about 10 to 50 wt. % of a crystalline zeolite having an average pore diameter less than about 0.7 nanometers at reac ...

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This invention relates to a functionalized co-oligomer having an Mn of 300 to 30,000 g/mol comprising 10 to 90 mol% propylene and 10 to 90 mol% of ethylene, wherein the oligomer has at least X% allyl chain ends, where: 1) X = (-0.94 (mol% ethylene incorporated) + 100), when 10 to 60 mol% ethylene is ...

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The present invention is a process for removing catalyst fines from an effluent stream in an oxygenate to olefin process. Specifically, the catalyst fines in the effluent stream are separated from the effluent stream. Then the carbonaceous deposits are removed from the catalyst fines by incineration ...

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This invention relates to a transition metal catalyst compound represented by the structure: wherein: each X is, independently, a hydride, a halogen, a hydrocarbyl, a substituted hydrocarbyl, a halocarbyl, or a substituted halocarbyl; w is 2; each R1, R2, R3, and R4 is, independently, a hydrogen, a ...

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A process for alkylation of an alkylatable aromatic compound to produce a monoalkylated aromatic compound, comprising the steps of (a) contacting at least one the alkylatable aromatic compound and at least one the alkylating agent with at least one molecular sieve catalyst under suitable alkylation ...

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The present invention is a process to produce a nanocomposite of a elastomer and organic clay, e.g. an exfoliated clay, suitable for use as an air barrier. The process can include the steps of: (a) contacting a solution (10) of butyl rubber in an organic solvent with a halogen (12) to form a halogen ...

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A process for manufacturing a silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieve, the process comprising the steps of: (a) dissolving a silicon source into in a template at conditions sufficient to form a solution having a silicon concentration of at least 0.05 wt. %; (b) adding at least one aluminium source an ...