Bob Ware
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A process is provided for the production of xylenes from reformate. The process is carried out by methylating under conditions effective for the methylation, the benzene/toluene present in the reformate outside the reforming loop, to produce a resulting product having a higher xylenes content than t ...

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A process/apparatus is disclosed for continuously separating a liquid medium comprising diluent and unreacted monomers from a polymerization effluent comprising diluent, unreacted monomers and polymer solids, comprising a continuous discharge of the polymerization effluent from a slurry reactor thro ...

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Improved thermoplastic polymer blend compositions comprising an isotactic polypropylene component and an alpha-olefin and propylene copolymer component, said copolymer comprising crystallizable alpha-olefin sequences. In a preferred embodiment, improved thermoplastic polymer blends are provided comp ...

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Improved thermoplastic polymer elastic film blend compositions including a crystalline isotactic polypropylene component and a crystallizable alpha-olefin and propylene copolymer component, the copolymer having crystallizable alpha-olefin sequences. In a preferred embodiment, improved thermoplastic ...

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An adhesive blend is described that can include a semi-crystalline copolymer of propylene and at least one comonomer selected from the group consisting of ethylene and at least one C

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Embodiments of the present invention relate to article comprising a polymer comprising one or more C3 to C40 olefins, optionally one or more diolefins, and less than 5 mole % of ethylene having a Dot T-Peel of 1 Newton or more, a branching index (g′) of 0.95 or less measured at the Mz of the polymer ...

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This invention relates to a polymer of one or more C3 to C40 olefins, optionally one or more diolefins, and less than 15 mole % of ethylene, and polymerization processes for producing the same.

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The invention relates to processes and plants for continuous solution polymerization. Such plant and processes include a pressure source, a polymerization reactor, downstream of said pressure source, pressure let-down device, downstream of said polymerization reactor, and a separator, downstream of ...

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The present invention relates to a silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieve comprising at least one intergrown phase of molecular sieves having AEI and CHA framework types, wherein said intergrown phase has an AEI/CHA ratio of from about 5/95 to 40/60 as determined by DIFFaX analysis, using the powder ...