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A laparoscopic access apparatus enabling the removal of tissue or other debris from a surgical site. A catheter having a longitudinal access is provided with a flexible internal sleeve having distal and proximal ends. The sleeve forms an inner channel through which laparoscopic surgical instruments ...

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A gastric band includes a balloon shaped and dimensioned to circumscribe the stomach at a predetermined location. The balloon includes a longitudinally extending body and a supply tube is secured to the balloon for fluid communication with an internal cavity of the balloon.

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Surgical instruments and control systems therefor are disclosed. A surgical instrument can comprise: a power circuit comprising a power source and a switch, a microcontroller coupled to the power circuit, a handle comprising an attachment portion, and a control circuit in signal communication with t ...

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A medical-treatment electrode assembly includes at least three spaced-apart electrodes contactable with patient tissue and includes at least three leads electrically connected one each to a corresponding one of the electrodes. The leads are electrically connectable to a medical radio-frequency (RF) ...

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The invention discloses a device used for decreasing cavity size and the method in surgical operation. In an implementation mode, an end-effector is arranged for the device used for decreasing cavity size; wherein, the end-effector forms a groove used for accommodating around the formation of the ca ...