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A digital camera that includes, among other things, a processor having a memory and a substrate having at least one pixel disposed thereon for absorbing light from an object. The pixel is electrically coupled to the processor for storing a digital image of the object in the memory of the processor. ...

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A decimation filtering circuit for performing a decimation operation with a decimation factor of M in a pipelined structure. A finite impulse response ("FIR") filtering of N taps for achieving a desired frequency response is designed to have an integral ratio of N/M. A total of N/M processing stages ...

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A programmable display controller for use in a digital imaging system has a video control register, a data access controller and a programmable modulator. The programmable display control is designed to be used with a digital imaging systems, such as digital cameras, having a variety of display diff ...

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A selectable resolution image capture system is provided having an array of photocells connected by a circuit that has a full-resolution and at least one low-resolution mode. The circuit converts electrical responses from the photocells, singly, or in grouped combinations, into digital signals. The ...

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An imaging array of active pixel sensors uses a compact three transistor CMOS implementation for each pixel. A current source at the top of each column creates a distributed feedback amplifier for each pixel in a selected row. The reset amplifier acts as a variable resistance in the source-follower ...

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An apparatus for edge enhancement of a digital image provided as raw digital image data to an input terminal and for providing processed image data to an output terminal. An offset processing circuit is coupled to the input terminal and configured to receive the raw data and generate offset data. An ...

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A shared output visible imager pixel array combines a high optical fill factor with low read noise. A relatively small group of pixels are connected to a relatively short common bus line. An amplifier located in close proximity with the pixels is connected to the common bus line and shared among the ...

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The invention dynamically compensates for differences in data rates for multistreamed systems. Any or all of the streams in a multistreamed system may be individually compensated at one time. In one embodiment, the status of an input buffer is monitored and used to change the number of oversamples w ...

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Two banks of differently-connected resistors are connected as an input to an op-amp feedback circuit.