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Roll with bending compensation, for pressure rolling of paper webs, having a rotatable shell, a stationary shaft and at least one pressure element arranged between shell and yoke; a hydrostatic bearing chamber between shell and pressure element, and a servomotor pressure chamber between pressure ele ...

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The disclosure concerns a Francis-type hydraulic machine, i.e., a turbine, pump-turbine or pump, having a bladed wheel of large diameter, and in which bearing apparatus for supporting the rotor is arranged in a peripheral region of the bladed wheel spaced radially from the axis.

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The belt press is constructed with a rotatable cylinder, a guide belt to confine the material between the belt and cylinder, and a press member for pressing the belt towards the cylinder to remove water from the confined material. The press member has a curved face slightly spaced from the belt as w ...

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In order to determine the surface contour at points which are difficult to access, e.g. the blade shape of a hydraulic machine such as a water turbine, simultaneously on all sides of the blade, and in the installed state, provision is made for a linkage consisting of at least three or more arms (2, ...

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In a roll with a roll shell or jacket which is rotatable about a support or beam, the inner side of the rotatable roll shell or jacket is heated by means of an induction coil which is operated at high frequency and provided, for example, at a support element. The heating is effected directly at the ...

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The press roll is made of a fixed beam and a rotatable roll shell with various hydrostatic supporting elements in the beam supporting the shell for rotation on the beam. A provision is made to allow the ends of the shell to move radially of the beam. This is accomplished by the use of a guide means ...

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In a turbo machine, for example, a turbo compressor, the rotor shaft extends through and is sealed relative a housing via dry gas seals in which a seal clearance is achieved between a rotating, sealing body and a non-rotating sliding body in which the inner side of the dry gas seal is charged with a ...

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The stain removal apparatus uses alternating rows of teeth between a rotor and the housing to clean paper pulp during passage of the paper pulp by the teeth. Check members are employed adjacent the teeth of the innermost row of teeth to preclude accumulations of material in front of the teeth. The c ...

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During the melt spinning process for producing metal foils having an amorphous structure, molten metal is cast through a slot-like nozzle onto a surface or wall which is rapidly moved past the nozzle. A particularly rapid quenching and cooling rate of the solidifying melt is achieved by providing co ...

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A method of, and apparatus for, adjusting the contact pressure of a rolling mill for rolling a web of material, the rolling mill comprising at least one controlled deflection roll equipped with a plurality of hydrostatic pressure elements operable by means of a hydraulic pressure medium. After the w ...