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Electrical medical devices and methods are disclosed for the therapeutic treatment of cells and/or tissue in a living body. The electrical medical devices and methods of the invention are useful in the therapeutic treatment of cells and/or tissue which require a 'bioelectrical signal' to artificiall ...

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An insulating seal between metallic battery parts based upon the use of an epoxy-polyamide resin is described. In a first embodiment of the invention, a coating of cured resin on one of the metallic parts forms the seal. In a second embodiment, the seal comprises a coating of epoxy-polyamide resin a ...

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An improved battery having an electrolyte permeable porous inherently sealable separator and intercell connector both extending beyond the periphery of the cell electrodes. A polymeric film material separator seals the intercell connector. The separators may extend beyond the intercell connectors an ...

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A thin, flat, multicell battery comprising a multiplicity of electrically conductive layers arranged in cooperative electrical association with one another to provide a plurality of cells. The layers include intercell connectors which cooperate together to form sealed enclosures for each cell, and t ...

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A sealed electric battery cell having a single plastic member which seals the cell, insulates the cell terminal, provides a hydrogen gas permeable diaphragm, a circuit opening actuator and a pressure frangible safety device.

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A high drain rate, primary alkaline cell comprising a negative electrode, a divalent silver oxide (AgO)/monovalent silver oxide (Ag.sub.2 O) depolarizer blend, a separator between said negative electrode and depolarizer blend, and an alkaline electrolyte consisting essentially of potassium hydroxide ...

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A secondary battery utilizing a molten alkali metal negative reactant, a metal chloride positive reactant, a molten alkali metal chloraluminate electrolyte and a selectively-ionically-conductive separator positioned between the negative and the positive reactants.

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A battery charger is equipped with a current adjusting device. A current sensor continuously measures the current output from the charger and feeds the readings to a current comparator. The terminal voltage of the battery is also continuously read and the readings are fed to a voltage comparator. A ...

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A line isolation monitor for detecting ground faults in isolated power systems by determining the potential personnel hazard current due to the complex ground fault impedances and a method for accomplishing the same. The total hazard current is determined by dividing the peak line voltage of the iso ...

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A hinge for use with molded plastic parts and, in particular, for spectacles comprises two parallel bosses with sockets therein forming a part of the spectacle frame. A temple body has two pin arms formed thereon each pin arm including a projecting pin. A slot separates the two pin arms and permits ...