Gudjon M Gudjonsson, Kjartan Pierre Emilsson: Distributed system to intelligently establish sessions between anonymous users over various networks. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, May 13, 2003: US06564261 (815 worldwide citation)

A network provides users with a simple and secure way of establishing communication sessions with other users or services, running either over IP networks or other networks, e.g., PSTN. In a sense, the network can broker communication services between two or more users (e.g., people) and/or services ...

John S Hulen, David Oren: Multi-media interface. Ericsson Messaging Systems, Nixon & Vanderhye, March 5, 1996: US05497373 (373 worldwide citation)

A multi-media interface universally and flexibly supports present (and contemplated) messaging applications including voice mail, facsimile mail, electronic mail, interactive voice response, automated attendant surface services, audio text services, electronic messaging services, radio paging servic ...

Samir Douik, Raouf Boutaba: Software fault management system. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Smith & Danamraj P C, January 4, 2000: US06012152 (341 worldwide citation)

A Software Fault Management (SFM) system for managing software faults in a managed mobile telecommunications network. The SFM system includes an Intelligent Management Information Base (I-MIB) comprising a Management Information Base (MIB) and a Knowledge Base (KB) having a functional model of the m ...

Per Stein: Modular radio communications system. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist A Professional Corporation, May 6, 1997: US05628055 (340 worldwide citation)

A modular telecommunications system configured for wireless telecommunication in accordance with a pre-selected standard. Modular units are adapted to be secured within other items of electronic equipment for establishing a telecommunications link with a wireless network. The modular telecommunicati ...

Vladimir Alperovich, David Boltz: System and method for displaying short messages depending upon location, priority, and user-defined indicators. Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, September 12, 2000: US06119014 (340 worldwide citation)

A telecommunications system and method is disclosed for organizing SMS messages sent to a mobile terminal based on the location of the mobile terminal or the time of delivery of the SMS messages. Thus, when a subscriber sends a short message to another subscriber, the originating subscriber can spec ...

Per Arne Sandegren: On-line notification in a mobile communications system. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, January 28, 2003: US06512930 (324 worldwide citation)

A system notifies a first user of a mobile communication device about status of other users in a mobile communications system. The system sends a signal from the mobile communication device to a service node in the mobile communications system. At the service node, a list is determined indicating ot ...

Carl Magnus Frodigh, Perols Leif Mikael Gudmundson: Adaptive channel allocation in a frequency division multiplexed system. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Brian T Rivers, Jenkens & Gilchrist PC, March 10, 1998: US05726978 (319 worldwide citation)

A method and system of adaptive channel allocation in a frequency division multiplexed system is provided. In the method and system a subset of M subcarriers is chosen from a larger set of N subcarriers available for communications on a link. As communications take place on the link, signal quality ...

Ina Widegren, Per H A Willars, Bo S P Wallentin: Flexible radio access and resource allocation in a universal mobile telephone system. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, April 16, 2002: US06374112 (317 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides flexible radio access and resource allocation in a Universal Mobile Telephone System (UMTS). A UMTS Terrestrial access network (UTRAN) in response to a radio access bearer service request, flexibly and efficiently allocates resources necessary to support a communicatio ...

Hans Hall, Stefan Willehadson, Jan Gabrielsson: Wireless mobile comunication devices for group use. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, February 29, 2000: US06032051 (313 worldwide citation)

Wireless mobile communication devices automatically transmit therebetween information regarding the status of the devices. This permits the devices to be used effectively by members of a group or team performing a given task.

Jacobus C Haartsen: Method and system for channel allocation using power control and mobile-assisted handover measurements. Ericsson, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, February 13, 1996: US05491837 (304 worldwide citation)

A method and system for the adaptive allocation of channels within a radio communication system, specifically a cellular network, is presented. The allocation method takes advantage of measurements made by the mobile radiotelephone and allocates channels based on the carrier to interference ratio. U ...

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