Jay E Ort: High quality methane gas through modified anaerobic digestion. ERA Incorporated, Berman Aisenberg & Platt, September 21, 1976: US03981800 (47 worldwide citation)

Conventional anaerobic digestion, as practiced in municipal waste treatment plants, is modified to yield high-quality methane gas. Upwards of 98 percent methane is produced rather than the normal 60 to 70 percent methane (diluted with carbon dioxide).

Ort Jay E: Unbalanced culture method of algae production. ERA Incorporated, February 29, 1972: US3645040 (33 worldwide citation)

Interruption of algal-bacterial symbiosis by high-intensity light permits increased algae production.

Ort Jay E: Water reclamation-algae production. Era Incorporated, December 25, 1973: US3780471 (26 worldwide citation)

Wastewater is treated in a manner which greatly reduces the level of organic waste matter, phosphates, fixed nitrogen, bacteria, virus and suspended solids. Water is reclaimed and an algae by-product is recovered by employing a series of three ponds with different depths and detention periods, each ...

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