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Polyolefin fibers, primarily polypropylene fibers, having improved properties are provided. The ability to produce fibers having an improved balance of properties including increased tenacity, modulus and elongation, is accomplished by incorporating from 1 to 10 weight percent aromatic hydrocarbon r ...

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Olefins may be produced by thermally steam cracking residuum containing a short residuum having a boiling point range greater than 565° C. wherein at least 3 weight percent of the short residuum has a boiling point greater than or equal to 650° C. The residuum has pentane insolubles less than or equ ...

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A supported olefin polymerization catalyst system and a method of making it are disclosed. The catalyst system comprises: (a) a support chemically treated with an organoaluminum, organosilicon, organomagnesium, or organoboron compound; (b) a single-site catalyst that contains a polymerization-stable ...

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A method for utilizing whole crude oil as a feedstock for the pyrolysis furnace of an olefin production plant wherein the feedstock after preheating is subjected to mild cracking conditions until substantially vaporized, the vapors from mild cracking being subjected to severe cracking in the radiant ...

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A single-site olefin polymerization catalyst and method of making it are disclosed. The catalyst comprises an activator and an organometallic complex. The complex comprises a Group 3 to 10 transition or lanthanide metal, M, and at least one indenoindolyl ligand that is &pgr;-bonded to M. The key lig ...

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A multiple stage or multiple zone process for making olefin polymers is disclosed. A single-site catalyst, preferably one that contains a heteroatomic ligand, is used in the first stage or zone, and a Ziegler-Natta catalyst is used at a higher temperature in later stages or zones. A parallel multipl ...

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A blend comprising a high molecular weight, medium density polyethylene (HMW, MDPE) and a linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is disclosed. The blend comprises from about 20 wt % to about 80 wt % of HMW MDPE. The HMW MDPE has a density from about 0.92 to about 0.944 g/cc, a melt index MI

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Adhesive blend compositions having significantly improved adhesion to metals at elevated temperatures are provided. The compositions are blends of one or more polyolefin base resins, an acid or acid derivative modified polyolefin and silane modified polyolefin. A low level of adhesion promotor is op ...

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A polyethylene film composition characterized as having a broad molecular weight distribution, Mw/Mm 15, a density of 0.920 to 0.970 g/cc, a melt flow index (190.degree. C./2.16 kg) of 0.01 to 0.2 g/10 min., the polyethylene film composition being produced by melt extruding a linear copolymer at a t ...

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A process for making ethylene copolymers is disclosed. Ethylene copolymerizes with an &agr;-olefin in the presence of a catalyst system comprising an activator and a silica-supported, bridged indenoindolyl metal complex having “open architecture.” The supported complex incorporates comonomers with e ...