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A digital data storage apparatus has primary, secondary and backing storage elements characterized by respectively longer access times. A level detector signals when the quantity of data in the secondary store exceeds a threshold amount. A data migrator responds by moving selected data files from th ...

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An improved backup storage system and method for use in conjunction with hierarchical or mass storage servers and networks is disclosed. Baseline, full and incremental backup procedures are used to save file copies. In one preferred embodiment, the baseline backup procedure is used to store copies o ...

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A networked digital data processing system has two or more client devices, a network including a set of interconnections for transferring information between the client devices, at least one of which has a local data file storage element for locally storing and providing access to digital data files ...

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A file server system selectively stores and provides access to files across a local network. The system utilizes adaptive request batching, disk pre-allocation, and shadow inode logic to enable data writing operations to be executed at high speed, while conforming to stateless protocol requirements.