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A process for methanol production includes preparing a hydrogen containing synthesis gas by autothermally reforming a hydrocarbonaceous feed, such as a hydrocarbon feed, with oxygen and steam in an autothermal reformer utilizing a first, monolithic catalyst having a palladium and platinum containing ...

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A method in accordance with the invention comprises passing through a zeolite catalyst as described below, a gaseous stream containing nitrogen oxides, ammonia and oxygen to selectively catalyze the reduction of nitrogen oxides and, if excess or unreacted ammonia is present, to oxidize the excess of ...

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A process for generating electricity from a fuel cell includes generating a hydrogen-rich gas as the fuel for the fuel cell by treating a hydrocarbon feed, which may be a normally liquid feed, in an autothermal reformer utilizing a first monolithic catalyst zone having palladium and platinum catalyt ...

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A low pressure EGR system suitable for use as a passive retrofit system is disclosed for moving vehicles equipped with a diesel engine. The EGR loop inlet is positioned upstream of the exhaust particulate filter and downstream of the turbine to utilize backpressure created by the exhaust particulate ...

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The present invention relates to a layered catalyst composite of the type generally referred to as a three-way conversion catalyst having the capability of substantially simultaneously catalyzing the oxidation of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and the reduction of nitrogen oxides. The structure of ...

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A catalyst composition suitable for three-way conversion of internal combustion engine, e.g., automobile gasoline engine, exhaust gases includes a catalytic material disposed in two discrete coats on a carrier. The first coat includes a stabilized alumina support on which a first platinum catalytic ...

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An external reductant for an SCR vehicular NO.sub.x emission control system is selectively injected to SCR catalysts which are only at catalytically active temperatures thereby avoiding reductant absorption in catalytically unactive catalysts and improving conversion response time.

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A zeolite catalyst composition is provided in which a first or upstream zone of the catalyst has a lower metal (e.g., iron or copper) promoter loading than the metal promoter moter loading of the second or downstream zone of the catalyst. The first zone may contain from none up to about 1 percent by ...

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A method and apparatus in accordance with the invention is described which comprises treating an engine exhaust gas stream containing hydrocarbons and other pollutants. The method of this invention comprises the steps of flowing the exhaust gas stream through a catalytic member comprising a monolith ...

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A H.sub.2 -air fuel cell integrated with a steam reformer is disclosed wherein a superheated water/methanol mixture is fed to a catalytic reformer to provide a continuous supply of hydrogen to the fuel cell, the gases exhausted from the anode of the fuel cell providing the thermal energy, via combus ...