Olson Lee Ann, Stearns Ralph A, Emmons Clifford L: Surgical stapler with universal articulation and tissue pre-clamp. Tyco Healthcare Group, Olson Lee Ann, Stearns Ralph A, Emmons Clifford L, FARBER Mark, April 22, 2004: WO/2004/032763 (491 worldwide citation)

A tool assembly for a surgical stapling device includes a channel member for supporting a staple cartridge therein and an anvil to deform a plurality of staples ejected from the staple cartridge thereagainst. The tool assembly also includes a sled which is movable to force the staples from the cartr ...

Emmons Clifford L, Wilson Donald S: Vial coupler. United States Surgical A Division Of Tyco Healthcare Group, Emmons Clifford L, Wilson Donald S, DILWORTH 333 Earle Ovington BoulevardUniondale NY 11553, July 12, 2001: WO/2001/049361

The vial coupler (100) is configured to engage and provide a connection for the sterile transfer of fluid between different standard sized vials (190, 200) and a loading apparatus (50). In the present configuration, receptacles (140) for two vials (190, 200) are provided, and each receptacle (140) c ...

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