Apparatus for measuring the angular displacement of a bod. Elliott Brothers London, August 2, 1978: GB1520154-A (19 worldwide citation)

1520154 Helmet sight system ELLIOTT BROS (LONDON) Ltd 7 Feb 1977 [24 Feb 1976] 07229/76 Heading G1A In a helmet sight system for an aircraft pilot to enable the pilot to direct a weapon merely by looking at the target, the helmet carries at least one set of L.E.D.s on one side of the helmet, prefera ...

Jones John Walton, Hale Brian Patrick: Improvements in or relating to gas lasers. Elliott Brothers London, December 8, 1971: GB1256398-A (18 worldwide citation)

1,256,398. Lasers. ELLIOTT BROS (LONDON) Ltd. 24 Sept., 1970 [26 Sept., 1969], No. 47442/69. Heading H1C. In a gas, e.g. CO 2 , laser, dissociation of the gas during operation is overcome by circulating the gas over a reassociating catalyst. A circulating system for a gas laser 10 is shown in Fig. 2 ...

Head-up displays. Elliott Brothers London, June 3, 1982: GB2088079-A (13 worldwide citation)

A display unit for a head up display wherein the combiner (9), which serves to reflect light from a display surface (3) towards an observer to provide the observer with an image of the display superimposed on high view through the combiner, comprises first, second and third tuned reflective optical ...

Terminations for fibre-optic monofilaments. Elliott Brothers London, October 13, 1982: GB2096348-A (13 worldwide citation)

A termination for a fibre optic monofilament comprising a collet consisting of two parts. A tapered male part 11 has an axial bore 17 through which the monofilament is threaded, and an axial slit which defines a pair of jaws 23 which extend from one end 21 of the male part. A complementary tapered f ...

Apparatus for use in the recovery of a flying object. Elliott Brothers London, February 3, 1982: GB2080216-A (13 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for use in the recovery of a flying object, e.g. an unmanned aircraft to a ship, comprising a retardation wire (4) attached at one end to a braking device (5) and at the other end to an arrester means comprising a continuous wire loop (6) which runs around sheaves (3) on a pivoted boom ...

Helmet mounted sight. Elliott Brothers London, May 20, 1981: GB2062285-A (11 worldwide citation)

A sight unit, for headgear (e.g. a helmet) comprises a mount member 15 adapted to be secured to the headgear, an arm member 19 pivotally connected to the mount member, a collimating sight 23 carried by the arm member, and, a substantially flat display surface 11 a virtual image at infinity of which ...