Headgear incorporating optical display systems. Elliott Bros, November 29, 1978: GB1533859-A (13 worldwide citation)

1533859 Head-up display ELLIOTT BROS (LONDON) Ltd 27 April 1976 [29 April 1975] 17812/75 Heading G2J A helmet has a display device (light-emitter diode array 33) collimated and presented to the wearer by a prism 37 and the visor 29. The optics are such that spherical aberration introduced by the vis ...

Brown George: Guidance system. Elliott Bros, September 14, 1983: GB2116000-A (11 worldwide citation)

A guidance system enables a moving body (1) to be guided to a predetermined location by allowing the body (1) to view its surroundings and to compare the viewed scene (8) with a reference pattern (e.g. 24) stored on the body. A number of individual reference patterns (24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 40 etc) are ...

[en] Head-up display. ELLIOTT BROS, May 10, 1979: GB2006981-A (10 worldwide citation)

[en] A display unit for a vehicle head- up display system wherein collimated light representing optical data is transmitted to a combiner (15) from a projector (17) by way of a semi-reflective film (29) which divides the projected light between two paths, one of which is directed towards the combine ...

Head-up display unit. Elliott Bros, December 12, 1979: GB2022285-A (10 worldwide citation)

A vehicle display arrangement comprising a head-up display unit (11) and a head-down display unit (13) providing a collimated display which appears to an observer to be a continuation of the head-up unit display. A fully reflective element (29) between the units cooperates with a parallel semi- refl ...

Jenkins Arthur Rex: Data transmission system. Elliott Bros, August 10, 1983: GB2113940-A (7 worldwide citation)

A data transmission system is arranged so as to prevent unauthorised reception of transmitted information. At a transmitter at least some of the television line periods are displaced in time so as to remove their regularity, and a recipient is able to reconstitute a coherent television picture, only ...

Hunter Ian: Reducing radar reflections. Elliott Bros, February 19, 1986: GB2163296-A (6 worldwide citation)

To reduce radar reflections from a body its wall is a quarter- wavelength-thick insulating layer 6 (GRP) between metallic layers 7, 8, the outer layer being partially transmissive.

Adjustable tilting mechanisms. Elliott Bros, May 12, 1976: GB1435513-A (6 worldwide citation)

1435513 Adjustable stand heads ELLIOTT BROS (LONDON) Ltd 17 Aug 1973 [17 Aug 1972] 38455/72 Heading A4H An adjustable tilting mechanism, e.g. for levelling and aligning portable radar surveying equipment, comprises a base member 10, attached, e.g. to a tripod, a first spacing member 14 carried by th ...


Beam index colour display tubes. Elliott Bros, March 25, 1981: GB2057187-A (4 worldwide citation)

The phosphor stripes R, G, B extend in the scanning direction, and are scanned along their length in sequence by the beam, which is kept accurately aligned along a stripe, e.g. R, by comparison of the amplitude of the two signals, of different frequency, derived from the ultra-violet emitting index ...

Missile guidance systems. Elliott Bros, December 14, 1977: GB1495166-A (3 worldwide citation)

1495166 Missile guidance systems ELLIOT BROS (LONDON) Ltd 3 March 1976 [21 May 1975 29 Jan 1976] 21928/75 Heading H4F The system includes an optical system mounted in the missile for forming images of at least two sub-fields of view which together form a single unbroken field of view ahead of the mi ...