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An access trial control device for a card, such as a financial or business transaction card or the like, which is inserted in an access terminal for use and carries a confidential code which is compared with an access code type by the user on the terminal. For each access trial the result, acceptanc ...

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A system for verifying an operation in particular one that includes payment, the system comprising at least one terminal (11) and a plurality of portable objects (10) which may be coupled, preferably without contact, to the terminal. The terminal emits repeated interrogation messages suitable for tr ...

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In a transaction card such as a credit or payment card provided with an integrated circuit for performing and recording the transaction, communications between the card and an access terminal must be coded so as to prevent fraud attempts. An integrated circuit coding device for coding or decoding a ...

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An installation for the measurement of the distance between a first station and a second station by the duration of a radio-electrical transmission going and returning between the two stations, the first station comprising a transmitter the reception from which at the second station controls a trans ...

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A transistor integrated circuit particularly for use in transaction cards such as credit cards or payment cards comprises conductive film zones on the surface of the circuit having a shape and layout which makes it difficult or impossible to determine the layout of the circuit. Additional metal zone ...

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A flat radar antenna comprises a generally circular array of juxtaposed radiators constituted by slotted waveguides, the array being divided into four quadrants each composed of a multiplicity of groups of radiators. The radiator groups of the entire array are connected to a high-frequency transceiv ...

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An electrical contact device is provided for use in establishing an electrical connection between an access terminal and an electronic card which may be inserted in the access terminal. The access terminal has contact members which are movable in a direction transverse to the surface of the card to ...

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An apparatus for acquiring and collecting messages aboard a satellite which are transmitted via respective radio-signals over different frequencies from a plurality of beacons comprises a receiver having an adjustable gain control input. An automatic gain control loop is provided for maintaining the ...

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The counter circuit is adapted to counting high frequency pulses and to being read while counting said pulses. It comprises a plurality of pulse counting stages of increasing numerical significance, and read means for reading the states of said stages. Said plurality of pulse counting stages compris ...

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Apparatus for storing pulses consisting of packets of high frequency alternating signals including a closed recirculating loop which has a controllable phase shifter therein to insure that the phase of the signals removed from the loop is the same as those introduced into the loop.