Carl Valiulis: Electronic identification, control, and security system and method for consumer electronics and the like. Electronic Security and Identification, Leydig Voit & Mayer, November 13, 2001: US06317028 (256 worldwide citation)

An electronic identification, control, and security system comprises a unique identification code associated with each manufactured article, a password code, communication circuitry capable of transmitting the password code to the manufactured articles, and appliance disabling circuitry. The applian ...

Valiulis Carl A, Blank Paul A: Merchandising method and apparatus. Electronic Security And Identification, Valiulis Carl A, Blank Paul A, CROWE Lawrence E, October 18, 2001: WO/2001/076423

An improved merchandising method, system and apparatus are provided through the use of product displays (10) having a track for aligning product packages in a linear fashion, and an electronic monitoring and transmitting device in the product displays that detects a linear position (26) of one or mo ...

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