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Monitoring, via a network of sensors each communicatively coupled to a home gateway system, movement and location of one or more individuals within their own residence. The home gateway system may also respond to inquiries as to a potential or probable or possible status of the one or more individua ...

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A content provider transmits instructions to a content receiver to record multiple instances of content. The instances of content are included in the same frequency band of a broadcast transmitted by the content provider via a first communication link and scrambled utilizing the same control word. T ...

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Systems and methods for displaying fitness information with an electronic device may include receiving multimedia content at an input of the electronic device. The electronic device may provide the audiovisual content to a display device. The electronic device may also receive fitness information, a ...

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A method of notifying a user of a status of an electronic appliance is presented. Examples of the electronic appliance may include, but are not limited to, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, and clothes washers and dryers. In the method, an entertainment system device receives a message fr ...

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A service configured to or for reminding a television viewer what or which particular programming they were watching prior to surfing other programming when a commercial break occurs during the particular programming. An option may be made available to the television viewer prior to the end of the c ...

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Adjustment of volume level of a mobile device, by the mobile device without direct or manual user-input, based on one or more contextual parameters detected by the mobile device, such as ambient noise level.

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A method for displaying the progress of an activity performed on a user device is provided. The method includes outputting a progress indicator indicative of the progress made in completing an activity and updating the progress indicator as the activity proceeds. Simultaneously, a first progress rat ...

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System, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media to facilitate expansion of media device interface capabilities are provided. A first media device may be configured to be communicatively couplable to a second media device. A first set of one or more interface ports that are configured to inte ...

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Various arrangements are presented for handling broadcast television commercials. A television receiver may receive, from a television service provider, metadata that indicates a commencement of a television commercial break and an expected duration. Based on the metadata, the television receiver ma ...

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Various arrangements for mitigating voltage droop in a direct current circuit configured to power multiple capacitive loads are presented. A voltage source configured to output a direct current voltage to power the multiple capacitive loads may be present. First and second outputs electrically coupl ...