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A thin film transistor comprises a zinc-oxide-containing semiconductor material. Such transistors can further comprise spaced apart first and second contact means or electrodes in contact with said material. Further disclosed is a process for fabricating a thin film transistor device, wherein the su ...

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An electroluminescent device is disclosed having a luminescent zone of less than one .mu.m in thickness comprised of an organic host material capable of sustaining hole-electron recombination and a fluorescent material capable of emitting light in response to energy released by hole-electron recombi ...

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A sensing array for color imaging includes individual luminance- and chrominance-sensitive elements that are so intermixed that each type of element (i.e., according to sensitivity characteristics) occurs in a repeated pattern with luminance elements dominating the array. Preferably, luminance eleme ...

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Electroluminescent devices are disclosed comprising a hole-injecting zone and an adjacent organic luminescent zone, the device having a power conversion efficiency of at least 9.times.10.sup.-5 w/w and said zones having a combined thickness no greater than about 1 micron.

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An organic electroluminescent cell is disclosed comprising a luminescent zone between two electrodes, wherein a hole-injecting zone comprising a porphyrinic compound is disposed between the luminescent zone and the anode electrode.

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An electronic camera system includes a programmable transmission capability for selectively transmitting electronic image data to a plurality of remote base units. In one embodiment, a camera module is detachably coupled to a portable computer including a display screen and a data entry device. The ...

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A method and apparatus particularly for making minute and very accurate images such as the negatives which are printed on photoresists in the production of microelectronic circuits. The method and apparatus employ an objective lens assembly adapted to be positioned in close proximity to a photograph ...

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A flat panel display comprising thin-film-transistor-electroluminescent (TFT-EL) pixels is described. An addressing scheme incorporating two TFTs and a storage capacitor is used to enable the EL pixels on the panel to operate at a duty factor close to 100%. This TFT-EL device eliminates the need to ...

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