Spinosa Dominic, Varga John: Medical cassette pump. East West Medical Products, December 23, 1975: US3927955 (103 worldwide citation)

A medical cassette pump is provided, especially adapted for acting upon disposable fluid-carrying tubing in a manner such that the tubing can easily be inserted and removed from the fluid-pumping assembly. The pump includes a drive motor which rotates a fluid-pumping assembly about a principal axis. ...

Spinosa Dom, Riely Phyllis, Hodgson Fred: Retaining catheter. East West Medical Products, June 11, 1974: US3815608 (82 worldwide citation)

A retaining catheter formed of an inert fluorocarbon polymer and including means in the region of the end thereof for retaining said catheter within the body channel in the form of a helical thread projecting radially from the outer surface of the catheter.

Dominic J Spinosa, Frank Knoll: Restraining fittings. East West, Leonard W Suroff, January 29, 1985: US04496271 (48 worldwide citation)

A restraining fitting suitable for use with a mating track member affixed to a flat surface includes an upper portion having a ring affixed thereon suitable for receiving restraining straps or, alternatively, may include a bracket for receiving other mechanisms such as seat legs, shelves, etc., on i ...

Dominic J Spinosa, Frank Knoll: Harness restraint system. East West, Hoffmann & Baron, April 19, 1988: US04738413 (38 worldwide citation)

An improved harness restraint system for a vehicle seat occupant which includes a unique single-point release device having laterally spaced connectors for attachment of shoulder harness straps. The system also includes an improved harness belt system employing a cross-chest belt configuration as we ...

Dominic J Spinosa, Frank Knoll: Filler valve adapter tool kit. East West, Leonard W Suroff, December 15, 1981: US04305438 (32 worldwide citation)

The kit of the present invention is for use in the refilling within a survival unit of a gaseous supply tank through a filler valve having a threaded stem adjacent the free end thereof and a gripping surface on the filler valve. The gas is generally oxygen although other gas may be supplied. The kit ...

Dominic Spinosa, Frank Knoll: Projection for use as a restraining tooth in a belt restraint assembly. East West, Hoffmann & Baron, June 19, 1990: US04934030 (29 worldwide citation)

A projection for use as a restraining tooth in a compression-type belt restraint assembly which includes a base secured against movement and having a size and dimension appropriate for insertion of the projection in the interstices provided between the warp and weft of a woven fabric belt. The proje ...

Frank Knoll, Joseph Gaito: Variable energy attenuating apparatus. East West, Cahn & Samuels, April 30, 2002: US06378939 (27 worldwide citation)

An energy attenuating apparatus for use with a seat includes an elongated attenuator having a resistance to bending which varies along its length. A bending mechanism defining a nonlinear path receives the attenuator. Translation of the bending mechanism relative to the attenuator in a lengthwise di ...

Dominic J Spinosa, Frank Knoll: Anti-exposure jacket. East West, Leonard W Suroff, November 22, 1983: US04416641 (26 worldwide citation)

An anti-exposure jacket for covering the torso and arms of the user as well as the user's crotch incorporates insulation material and a removable inflatable bladder disposed between two layers of fire-resistant material. The bladder may be inflated either by a gas-powered valve assembly or by exhala ...

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An emergency oxygen system for use on aircraft in conjunction with an on-board primary oxygen supply system is designed to supply oxygen to aircraft personnel in the event that the on-board oxygen supply system fails. Additionally, if the aircraft personnel is forced to eject from the aircraft, the ...

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A retention slide is provided for catheters, tracheotomy tubes and like tubular materials, having a tubular body through which the catheter passes and in which it is engaged in a friction grip, and radially laterally extending retaining lugs for attaching the slide to a fixed location at which the t ...