Yanhui Sun: Polyester composition and process therefor. E I du Pont de Nemours and Comapny, December 18, 2001: US06331606 (37 worldwide citation)

A composition and a process for producing the composition are provided. The composition comprises repeat units derived from 1,3-propanediol; an organic acid, preferably a dicarboxylic acid, its salt, its ester, or combinations of two or more thereof; a polyether diol; and a sulfonated comonomer. The ...

Eric W Kaler, Timothy Donald Krizan, Larry D Ryan, Martin Swanson Vethamuthu: Aqueous microemulsions. E I du Pont de Nemours and Comapny, The University of Delaware, December 26, 2000: US06165962 (15 worldwide citation)

A microemulsion comprising: a functionalized hydrocarbon, an anionic surfactant, a diol having from 2 to 10 carbon atoms and water.

Colin Leslie McIntosh: Alkoxy carboxycarbonylphosphonic acid esters. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Comapny, March 9, 1976: US03943201 (10 worldwide citation)

Alkoxycarbonylphosphonic acids and alkylthiocarbonylphosphonic acids and esters and salts of these acids such as diammonium methoxycarbonylphosphonate are useful for regulation of the growth rate of plants.

Thomas R Clark III, Joseph A Cofer Jr, Alan R Mochel: Process for making low shrinkage, high tenacity poly(epsilon-caproamide) yarn. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Comapny, August 18, 1992: US05139729 (7 worldwide citation)

A polyamide yarn is disclosed which is at least about 85% by weight poly(.epsilon.-caproamide) and which has a relative viscosity of greater than 50, a tenacity of at least about 9.3 g/d, a dry heat shrinkage at 160.degree. C. of less than about 3 percent, a modulus of at least about 20 g/d, a tough ...

William J King: Peripherally arrayed closure fastener system. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Comapny, August 9, 1988: US04762346 (5 worldwide citation)

Peripheral locking system comprising a frame enclosing an aperture and a closure for the aperture having a polymeric member extending around a portion of the perimeter of the aperture and mounted in a track, designed to lock the closure at at least two points upon movement of the polymeric member.

Graciela B Blanchet Fincher, Curtis R Fincher Jr, Norman Herron: Process for making superconducting Tl-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O films. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Comapny, December 7, 1993: US05268354 (4 worldwide citation)

A process making thin film elements of an oxide superconductor (Tl..sub.5 Pb.sub.0.5)Sr.sub.2 CaCu.sub.2 O.sub.7, (Tl..sub.5 Pb.sub.0.5)Sr.sub.2 Ca.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.9 or a mixture thereof. The process entails forming an oxide film of a mixture of oxides of Pb, Sr, Ca and Cu in preselected amount ...

Peter Wuelfing Jr: Method for determining the proper replenishment for a developing solution. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Comapny, July 30, 1996: US05541027 (1 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed in converting silver halide to silver by use of a developer containing two compounds which can be titrated in a single potentiometric titration with silver nitrate and based on the titration an additional quantity of the two compounds are added to depleted developer.

Silvia Di Benedetto, Edmund A Flexman: Impact modified polyamide compositions. E I du Pont de Nemours and Comapny, July 16, 2002: US06420481

A multiphase polymer composition having increased impact resistance at low temperatures, includes a blend of an ionomer dispersed in nylon 6, a polyamide other than nylon 6, and a composition that includes EP or EPDM grafted with 0.05 to 3 weight percent of a carboxylic acid or any anhydride thereof ...

Tufano Thomas Peter, Morken Peter Arnold: Treatment of recreational water. E I Du Pont de Nemours And Comapny, Tufano Thomas Peter, Morken Peter Arnold, MAYER Nancy S, February 22, 2007: WO/2007/021641

An oxidizing agent comprising a pre-measured amount of stabilized potassium hydrogen peroxymonosulfate and a buffer in a sealed water-soluble pouch, said pouch comprising a hydrolyzed copolymer of vinyl acetate and at least one of acrylic acid, metliacrylic acid, maleic acid, itaconic acid, and este ...