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An ultrasound tranceiver providing enhanced imaging by selective filtering of the received signal to provide a variable frequency, constant bandwidth filtering of the received echo signals. The resulting signals are then detected to produce a signal, which when displayed, has a reduced number of fal ...

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A one-piece needle guide for use with a medical ultrasonic scanning apparatus to guide a needle. The needle guide includes a body which is adapted to be releasably secured to the scanning apparatus. A tubular channel extends the length of the body on its upper surface. The channel is for engaging an ...

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An ultrasound imaging probe suitable for concentric on-axis biopsy procedures. The probe according to the present invention includes an aperture through which a biopsy needle is inserted to sample a target tissue previously located by the ultrasound probe. In operation, the ultrasonic probe is first ...

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A real-time ultrasonic transducer for use in a scanning system and a novel drive circuit therefor are provided. The transducer includes a housing and a transducer assembly mounted therein for movement in a predetermined manner. An electromagnet causes the transducer assembly to move in such a predet ...

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A composition providing a two-part adhesive consists of an acrylate monomer and perester catalyst, comprising the polymerizable part, and a ferric ion-accelerated butyraldehyde/aniline activator comprising the other.

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An ultrasound probe includes an acoustical mirror that deflects an ultrasound beam generated by an ultrasound crystal toward an object under examination. The probe includes a thin flat motor whose rotor is controlled by a control system. The control system creates commutating signals that are applie ...

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The present invention provides an ultrasonic scanning transducer for use in an ultrasonic scanning system that examines an object by directing a series of ultrasonic waves into the object, receiving electrical signals related to the echoes generated by the ultrasonic waves when they strike acoustica ...

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The use of a phosphine oxide photoinitiator enables the effective curing of a polymerizable acrylate formulation despite the incorporation of a high concentration of a fluorescing agent, thereby facilitating, and enhancing the efficiency of, evaluation of the cured deposit utilizing its fluorescent ...

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A reactive acrylic adhesive, activated by actinic radiation includes, in addition to a photoinitiator, at least about 1.0 percent by weight of a perester compound or cumene hydroperoxide, and 0.5 percent of a tautomeric organic acid, for enhanced bond strength.

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An acrylate encapsulation formulation reacts at a high rate of speed, when exposed to radiation inclusive of wave-lengths in the ultraviolet and the visible range, to initially produce a relatively thick skin and to ultimately cure to a relatively low-stress deposit having good physical definition a ...